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Due to problems accessing the AHT website Dr Nigel Holmes has kindly agreed to extend the "promotional code" for the South fo England Irish Setter Club until 31st August. Unfortunately the original code cannot still be used so a new one has had to  be issued and will have to be obtained again from the SEISCwebmaster. The AHT apologises for any inconvenience caused!

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congratulations Charlotte! That's the result we all hope for.

Mine were send in last week, so hope to get the results this coming week.

I will have several carriers as Wickenberry Capsicum is the father on two of my breeding bitches.

Let's hope all breeders will test their dogs and be open about the results!

Rafferty's test was sent back on the 7th August and I received the results this afternoon by E Mail Will do the others in the next 2 weeks .
is there existing an (official) website where are PRA-results published? I know for Gordon Setters it already exists
no there isn't and wont be untl we get the official register from the Kennel Club probably around October. Could set up an unnofficial site on the SEISC if people would be interested???
I for one would be interested in that...although I am still worried about my results...not got them yet...fingers crossed for everyone...

Hi Gillian

Thanks, I think that would be a great idea. I'd definitely be interested!

Waiting for cheek swab here... 4 dogs waiting to be done.




Good Morning  I have received   my results  back for  Grainne.....PENNALLY JUMEAU......she is a carrier,obviously dissapointed but  not  un-expected, she is still my LOVELY  GIRL .

  I am   still awaiting the test results from my other 2 girls.........Gill, that is a good idea,it may help people wanting to breed  a litter   at the moment, I have no problem with you adding  my girl..

Sorry to hear that....but as you say it doesn't change the way you feel about her...and it shouldn't....fingers crossed with the other results...good luck Sue...

Thanks  Dee...
hi susan so sorry about the result of one of your dogs and i hope you have better luck with the other results.as you say  shes still your lovely girl but shes  that extra bit special now  .thats how i see my layla she was special to us before we knew of her lopra .she is  extra special to us now and the love of our lives.
Thanks  Lyn,yep  they are all specials,,,,
i understand that in this case she's not going to be affected by the illness, so at least you should not be worry for hew own  health...




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