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It's called line breeding by natural selection Sue.

These wild animals breed for survival not for looks and characteristics!

Breeders on the other hand breed for reasons not found in nature. 

Inbreeding is no less than incest, but because it's a animal and we can do what we like with them, then it's okay....I don't think so!

Animals that breed in the wild, don't share complete families of ancestors on both sides because normally they don't survive long enough!

If a dominant male animal was to breed with his daughter, it would more than likely only be once in his lifetime as he would either be sent packing by another younger, fitter male or be killed by either by a illness or a preditor.



Ye gods!!!!!!   Now we really are going into the realms of fantasy.  I recommend either Pat's brick wall or a diet of Richard Attenborough. 

Pat, obfuscation is a great word and so apt!!!

I am beginning to lose patience with such intentional obfuscation -  Val, you obviously haven't got a hard enough surface to utilise the previous "helpful hint" LOL!  Try this one...



If you can't get to sleep you can count bricks Wilko

Pat,  intentional what????......obfuscation!!!....do you read a dictionary at bedtime?

Unusual picture by the way......did you have it framed?

If you need a simpler explaination for it Val try muddying the water

Blame it on the fact I am a fully trained librarian & love books & the English language!

Something for you to get your teeth into Val (as we are now discussing various species LOL!) - I breed red Boer goats & sometimes I will use a buck (male) on his mother if both have the outstanding breed characteristics I want for a good meat goat.  I do not produce kids with 2 heads/5 legs/blue instead of red, etc because I am careful of the background of my goats.   The same can be applied to dogs, sheep, cattle, any form of livestock - but one has to use one's brains...To condemn inbreeding out of hand is to not understand the genetics behind it & the intelligent use of breeding stock (just as Wilko stated so very well).   Need I say more???

Val.......comment taken out of context and debating why we don't have more afflicted dogs and that is because not all dogs that carry 2 copies of the gene develop the condition.  Such is the nature of genetics. 

That is probably why rcd-4 has only now been identified.  If we had a cristal ball we could solve all the problems in the world before they ever happened.........

Pat     I obviously value dogs much higher than you and I would never, ever consider them as just part of a group of animals to be bred in the same way as sheep, cattle and livestock!

I find it totally disgusting that you would mate a male goat to his own mother for any reason!!

I don't know you but as we are into "making assumptions" on a grand scale, may I say I think you are a very silly woman without any working knowledge of genetics....

I won't bother commenting in this thread again - my blood pressure is getting far too high - & you aren't worth it, Val.

Pat, as a breeder of very many years experience we value your input much more than we value Mrs Martin's who speaks from absolutely no experience, just theory and her opinion....based on alleged discussion with a specialist(?).  Ignore her..........she ain't worth the trouble.




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