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Have spoken to a geneticist about the  percentages listed above by Michaela. and these are only an indication of what may happen. These figures are not set in stone. You could get a lower or higher percentage of afflicted dogs per litter on this combination.
The geneticist I spoke to told me.......the average is 50% - 50% but very ocassionally litters are born with a slightly higher or lower percentage.
Val, in any case THE combination to be avoided at all cost!!!
I totally agree Catherine, using any affected dog is to be avoided.

maybe this can help you: http://www.gordon-setter.de/images/stories/pdf/pra_erbgang.pdf

it shows inheritance of PRA in Gordon Setters - but for IS it's the same


it is written in german but maybe the drawings are self-explanatory


green = clear

orange = carrier

red = affected

Please go to the SoEISC's site and all will be revieled...

Nothing is set in stone Eva...but having talked to a specialist about the averages, I was informed that they are approximately 99% accurate.

Does the odd 1% or so really matter?

I would rather base my knowledge on the 99% accuracy than the unknown 1% or so.


Eva.....telling people "to put up or shut up" is really not nice.

Did Gene not have a word with you recently about being unpleasant to other members?

Sorry...I can't make head nor tail of what you are talking about.

Not my words Val but Susan Morriss'  I am just quoting from her comment because she, rightly so, is fed up with all the swipes and digs that are going on.  Please refer to her. 

Gene asked me to be more sensitive.  I agreed.  I do recall you telling me once that it is not your way to complain and that you favoured the direct approach.  It seems you have gone back on your word.  I never complained about you when you were extremely unpleasant to me but others did.  Perhaps you have forgotten that you too were requested by Gene to seriously temper your comments. 

I cannot fathom why every time you enter a discussion the tone drops and it becomes personal.  Why would that be Val?  We are trying to discuss rcd-4 here.  We don't want to go down the road of apportioning blame, we want to go forward.  Please enter into the spirit of this with us. 

You are assume that I have complained Eva, that does not mean that I did!

In which way are my replies in this discussion personal to you?

All I have said is some breeders should "look closer to home" for answers to this and other health problems in the breed.

You all have the knowledge at your finger tips to breed dogs with fewer health problems, so why would anyone choose to use a dog with known hereditary defects just so they can 'keep their line going'??

Is that called 'helping the breed' or 'helping themselves'?

If someone has a nice bitch and wants a stud to compliment her.  The stud does not have to be her grandfather, half brother etc...to produce nice puppies. 

Would you want your daughter or son marrying his/her closest cousin?  I suspect the answer would be a definate no!    So why do it with dogs, just because you can.



I agree but the fact that you know shortens the odds on who actually did.  I do believe Wilko gave up trying to open a conversation with you because, as he said you prefer to reply and fight (with me) rather than answering him.  You did say that you couldn't understand him but everyone else did......Sue, Dee, me.............

In dogs, as in horses or any stock for that matter, man has bred for certain characteristics, whether they be for function (working dogs, racehorses etc) or beauty.  They have used sires to compliment and improve where improvement is required.  If a grandsire is a wonderful working dog  then why should he not be used on his granddaughters to produce better workers.  Why, when you have science and DNA tests available to you and you know if you breed carefully, do you have to be limited.  Helping the breed or helping yourself does not come into it.  Why such a jaundiced view?  Do you base this on past experience?

You cannot compare the breeding of humans to animals for when it comes to the former we have no qualms producing children with hereditary conditions from parents who carry the genes and are totally unrelated to one another.  You do not have to be a relative to produce a hereditary defect in humans as you don't in dogs.  Would that we were as concerned with the health of our own children as we are with our dogs




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