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    Just got little Shea home yesterday and so far doing really well, however a few accidents have happened as they will. I was wondering if anybody had any tips for natural mpoping up of puppy pee. Up to now we have been using a white vinegar solution and bi-carb. Is this sufficient or are there better ways?



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Oh, I remember those days, he,he. Try using Biological washing powder as I found this good when I had run out of 'Stay off" from the petshop.
Good luck
Soda water neutralises the urine, and is nice and cheap :)
I agree with Fran, I used Urine Off and found it worked more sucessfully than Bio or vinegar. I also buy Frontline and wormers as well as dog food from www.vetuk.co.uk as they are so much cheaper than the vets and more convenient too.
Thanks for the tips all, the little fella is being an angel and using the paper when he isn't trying to run off with it in his mouth :o)




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