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I had a setter a few years ago who,when excited or when she wanted something, would 'rattle her beak' it sounded very like a fast woodpecker and  definitely came from her head or jaws.A very strange sound.I thought Maggie was unique but now Arthur does it.I have never heard or heard of another dog doing it,but my dogs can't be unique in this....or can they?

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My male rattled like that around bitches in season.

Yes.....you girls have a lot to answer for!

Yes,  both of my  Dogs  used to rattle  when around a Bitch in season

So funny.... Yes my boy does it to and he's not entire hmmmm interesting. But you are right it's a strange sound.
Yes, the two that I kept from my last litter (brother and sister) rattle !I think it means they are particularly happy and excited! :-)

I am glad I am not alone! I wonder if it is unique to setters?

My Setter Girl Tiny rattles also sometimes (if she wants something or is excited) - and I thought she is unique ;-)

My boy rattled if he smelled a bitch in season but it sounds a bit different.

My old girl Penny would do it when my other girl Wilma was in season.....

My bitches do it when the others are in season.  I have seen stallions doing it when they are scenting the air when a mare close by is in season. I had a cat who did it as well.  So it's not unique to canine's.

My red and white rattles too, especially if there is something exciting  food on offer, like her liver and garlic birthday cake a few days ago.  I have often heard Labradors making that noise, but Daisy is my first Setter who has done it.

Reuben did this the other day and at first I thought he was having a fit! But he was particularly happy at that time as far as I remember. First time I have heard him do it!

Yep, even my boy does it, usually when greeting me or when food is involved. Never really thought much of it until Howard mentioned it. Around the girls, however, it's a different kind of rattlin altogether!!!




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