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It is not a nice subject I know I was just wondering how many of our beautiful setters
Have past away gently in their sleep rather than the horrible task of making that final heartbreaking
decision it time to let go.
I do hope this is not too upsetting for anyone that may have recently had to make that kind choice.

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Yes Angela, it is a thank you..... for been the special one that has shared a wonderful life together with them. :o) x

This is a very hard topic, and I believe everyone has their personal views. Honestly I can't say I agree or disagree with anyone. We all lived our on experiences and did the best we could with what was given to us. I think that's the most important thing, that you know you did your very best at that time. That being said, I still wish to share my experiences with you guys.

I never had the blessing of having one of my pets just pass away peacefully in their sleep.

Lost a dog and a horse to cancer... Both times we fought together as hard as we could, I did my best to keep them fighting with me... until they couldn't anymore. I think there is point where they can tell us enough is enough. I know both my boys did that and I was with them on their last moments to make sure they would pass peacefully and as comfortable as possible.

It's always a hard decision and I still believe both were taken away from me sooner than what I wanted, but that's why we should make the most of everyday with our pets.

Well, as of today, I can share a new experience...

My parents just told me that our old cocker spainel crossed the bridge today. She was playful and happy this morning, and out of nowhere fell down with her tongue completely white. The vet that follows our farm animals happened to be there and took her to the hospital, but it was too late and she was gone.

I'm having a hard time dealing with the fact that I was so far away from her and could not say goodbye to her... I've always
At least I know she was happy until the very end and died in a quick and painless way...

R.I.P. Ginja, I'll miss you very much! :(

i am so sorry teresa.. and that's happened while you are away, so very painful for you.. please do not blame yourself, i am sure she had the most careful people around.. is difficult, but in the end is us who suffer most not them.. lot of hug

Beautifully said Teresa. It's true, although one of the hardest things that life can deal us, we owe it to be there for the ones we truly love, when they need us the most. Be that fur family or human :o) take care x
Oh Teresa, I am so sorry for your loss of your Ginja :o( She is now a free spirit with all have passed :o)
I'll keep you in my thoughts. Take care Dianne and furbabies xxx




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