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Saffy was assessed today as a PAT (Pets As Therapy) dog
And she was so good am sure she will have passed. Takes up to 12 weeks to get it all
sorted so when all our holidays are over mid September 
we should be able to start visiting!! Was so thrilled that she behaved so well
and she just loves people!!

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wow!! that's brilliant well done!! let us know how you get on with the visiting. I used to work in a hospice and we had PAT dogs come in, the patients absolutely loved them and the dogs seemed to quite like it too!!

Well done Christine and Saffy, she will be briliant (",)

Well done you two.  Happy visiting and bringing some happy setter smiles into people's lives :-)

many thanks everyone for your lovely comments. Jan & I are very chuffed with our Ab Fab Saffy (Absolutely Fabulous but Saffy spelt differently! LOL )  Think she will give a lot of pleasure to the folk she visits as she is so very loving!

Well done Joan and glad to have a fellow Setter enthusiast as a fellow P.A.T. visitor.   My boy Ray, R/White, is now a registered P.A.T. visitor and loves meeting all residents.   We have now been asked for return visits and I am phoning different places to book future outings.





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