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Hi everyone, does anyone know of any muzzle that is tolerated by setters. I have tried two so far and Jamie doesn't like them, he won't do any jobs whilst they're on. I need to muzzle him as he scavenges and I can't always stop him eating things he shouldn't.

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I think the dog needs more training/supervising not muzzling. Muzzling should only be used for a dog that is a danger to others .

There is a barking "muzzle" that the RSPCA in Australia have looked into and, from what I recall, apparently wasn't stressful to animals with no change in cortisol levels. It's called the Husher and comes in a range of sizes. Dogs can drink with it on, but even though they could probably eat small things I don't think they'd want to because the elastic around the muzzle is pretty stiff. It would be awful if your dog ate something that poisoned him ..

thank you for your advice, I will look into it as Jamie is unwell at present and no amount of training is stopping him from scavenging. I think your advice is a lot more helpful than the previous reply which comes across as a bit arrogant and totally unhelpful!




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