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I have just noticed a 7yr old setter being advertised for £50 on www.pets4homes.co.uk
If you go onto the site and search dogs by breed you'll find him - the ad is only about a day old.
So sad, anyone know of a person looking for an older irish?
He looks lovely in the pics.

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He looks gorgeous in the photo's and after some lengthly discussion with my partner, Flynn may be joining our setter family. We are hoping to veiw him on Saturday and look forward to meeting him. Fingers crossed that he does'nt go before then.

Oh that's wonderful, I do hope he fits in with your family.  Keep us all posted.

He's a lovely looking dog, I really hope he joins your family.

If I was you I would ring the owners again and ask if they will hold him until you have viewed him on Saturday. This well let them know that you are genuinely interested and not a time waster. I am sure he will create lots of interest especially at the price the owner is selling him for.  I would hate to think he could end up in the wrong hands.

He looks lovely Kenny I hope you get him he would be so happy with your two boys

I hope he is lucky enough to be able to join your family he looks so lovely

oh that's such good news, fingers crossed that you get him into your family....he looks a lovely boy, yes do let us know how you get on!!

He sounds like a very nice boy after the chat that we had with his present owner, I think this boy deserves a forever home he has already had two previous. will let you all know how we get on, I am a bit like a kid at Christmas at the moment and glad i talked my partner in to getting him, fingers crossed that he does not go before Saturday because i know in my heart he will be coming home with me. My present two boys will love the extra company too, the house will be even more of a mad house now in a good way of course. Thank you Lorraine for spotting him, I would have never thought of looking at that website (as i am always on the look out for anything local).

Oh I do hope so Kenny.  I will keep everything crossed for you :-)

Good luck, Kenny. I hope he gets you!

Kenny -  Have spoken to  Flynn's owner several times today, expecting to hear from him again tomorrow. Would be happy to pass on background information to you 

That would be great thank you very much Gillian

Oh Ken it is wonderful, and fingers crossed that it could work. Plenty of wonderful pictures on the way then?  :-) 




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