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I have just noticed a 7yr old setter being advertised for £50 on www.pets4homes.co.uk
If you go onto the site and search dogs by breed you'll find him - the ad is only about a day old.
So sad, anyone know of a person looking for an older irish?
He looks lovely in the pics.

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Oh how wonderful Kenny! Fingers and paws crossed for you and Flynn!!

Oh Kenny i do hope Flynn comes to live with you and your boys, he looks such a lovely dog, bet you will be down there early satyrday morning (",)

Well it looks as if the current owner has had a change of heart and are now keeping Flynn. I am a bit gutted after managing to get the day off work, But i am sure another dog will come up soon. Thank you all for you help today ( You know who you are )

Oh disappointing for you but it must be heart breaking to part with a dog, they obviously could not bear to let him go  when it came to the crunch. You have your two wonderful boys and there will no doubt be another one along in the future.  Best wishes to you all.

I feel for you Ken. I have been involved in quite a bit of rehoming over the years, and this is something which quite often happens. It happened to my brother too, but eventually the owner contacted him again asking if he would take the dog after all.  After a great deal of agonizing he took her on.  I know it can be very heartbreaking for people to hand a dog over if they truly love it, and it can take a couple of attempts at letting go.  I wonder what the future holds for this poor boy.

So very sorry Ken, the expectation was high and we were all so very pleased that Flynn will have a wonderful family ... nevertheless, you never know ... this present family seems not to be quite stable???

Must admit must be hard letting go, i don't think i could do it. You never know he might end up with us yet the family does seem a bit unstable if you know what i mean.

Im on the case now, Flynn is in good Health & happy, The whole family was in tears when I turned up, They had a change of heart. I told them they got my number & will help them as much as I can where Flynn is concerned.

Good for you, Rodney and Kenny and all of you, thanks for making the effort. I've been trying to work out if we can fit another in and worrying about him.

Rodney - I would like to say thank you on behalf of everyone involved. I'm sure you handled a difficult situation admirably. Flynn's owner also assured me that if their situation changed, they would call us first so that's a positive result if nothing else.

Kenny - so sorry - keep in touch.





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