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Anyone interested in meeting up for a Setter get together :) We are based in Downings, Co. Donegal but are willing to travel for a few hours. If we make it a good beach area we could bring the rig and if people wanted to try some mushing they could. Depends on how hot it is though.



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Ewan has done several events for me over the years bringing teams of dogs to "meet and greet" and organsie displays. Great guy!

Downhill sounds good to be...how about you James. A Sunday would suit us better as my husband works on a Saturday.

Maybe Carmel might want to come along aswell

A sunday will suit us just fine as long as it is my weekend off!

Romeo says Carmels' girls are more than welcome!!

Be careful James as one of Rita's boys is also a Gwendariff;o)))

Do you know what weekends you are off? then me might be able to sort a date.


Carmel all these boys will be fighting over your girls LOL

I will be off 7th aug,21st aug,4th sep and so on...!
I'm sure we can make some of these dates too!
Will have to bring all 4 girls so  there is less fighting among the Lads;o))
Would love to come if I know where this beach is located??;o)) You know I am still waiting for the opportunity to see your boys mushing;o))

It is located on the north coast very near Magilligan Point ( between Coleraine and Derry/Londonderry!)

I saw Ritas' boys mushing at Shanes Castle....they were fantastic,very fit and strong.

Romeo isn't interested in the boys,only the girls!

Ahh sweet Abbey...............

But will sweet Abbey prefer Hector(the Gwendariff competition!!) to your Romeo;o))))

To be or not to be,that is the question?

Romeo by name, Romeo by nature is not in question!!!!!! (Take my word for it!).




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