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Hi people,

Im hoping for plenty of snow for this winter but feel for my darlings-not that they seem terribly upset till we homeward bound, having too much fun. But some of these snowballs get quite large and i break them up a few rimes each walk to no avail, tried paw wax and hair oil, any other suggestions welcome please.

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Hi Rua, I use a silicon spray that I got from the vet - it's made for spraying medical and surgical instruments and helps very well with snowballs - it's called medispray silicon - have a look here: medispray 

I spray the feathering, breast and the paws. Of course it depends how long your outdoors - it wears off after a few hours...

With silicon spray: http://irishsetters.ning.com/photo/my-happy-girl?context=user

Without spray: http://irishsetters.ning.com/photo/my-happy-girl/next?context=user

Thank you, will get on it now.x
I answered under your photo. Baby oil for the feathering and mushers'secret for the paws. I hope this helps you this Winter ! :-)

I have used Vaseline on Bailey for snowballs patients and hair brushing before she gets to far into the house, trimming the hair can help for the snow as well.  We just had our first little dusting and Bailey cannot get enough of it.

Thank you for your help an replies, unfortunately no more snow so far! Fingers crossed tho.x merry christmas.

My setters collect snow just like yours, but I found a perfect solution - 'superdekken'from Norwegian Troll, a kind of jumpsuit that really works. And transforms your setter into Supersetter! The photo is of my setter Mingus in the anti-snowball suit.

Try the link below:


Does this coat matt the feathers?  I'm still looking for something for Rigsby as the Hurtta suit was a bust.


No, it doesn't. And the dogs don't seem to mind. I bought it because it also helps prevents rashes on the private parts when the snow has a hard surface. The only tricky bit is putting it on, but the poop-bag trick helped - put your dog's paw into a poop bag (or any small plastic bag) will help pulling the suit on. But it may not be available in the UK; it's much used in Norway since lots of setters spend hours running in deep snow.

These look great Claudia thank you but please can we have an interpretation on what is on the website!! I can see the sizes but what do we measure please and how much is that roughly in English pounds? Thank you xx

Not everyone reads Norwegian, Christine, sorry about that oversight on my part. The suit is available in six sizes (storrelse), measured around the broadest part of the chest.

1 = 55-65 cm, 2 = 60-70 cm, 3 = 65-75 cm, 4 = 70-80 cm, 5 = 75-85 cm, and 6 = 89-90 cm. You can get them for a bitch (tispe) or dog (hannhund).

And 650 Norwegian kronor roughly amounts to 65 Pound sterling. Not cheap, but very useful and easy to wash.

Does this help?


Thank you so much Claudia that helps enormously!!




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