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I've been advised to take Bess to Southampton for the hip scores to be done (or X-rays taken to be more precise).

But 'Southampton' is pretty vague - does anyone have any more precise details about where I should go?

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I agree with Mel, you should be able to ask a local Vet who has done plenty of hip x-rays and knows what is expected by the BVA. Ask around ;o)

Thanks.  I've been given the details of Southampton, and will be making contact there. 

One of the better things about Southampton is that they do not use an anaesthetic (probably spelt that wrong!) which I'd like to avoid if possible.  They just use sedation, and you stay with your dog. 

And anyway, it will be a day out!  :0)

If you are going to stay with Bess whilst this is done make sure you are given adequate protection from the x-rays, you should be given a protective lead gown to wear, and they should ensure your hands are away from the radiation. Sounds commen sence BUT as a radiographer myself I know I had to ask at my vets when a previous dog was x-rayed

Thanks for the advice!  I'm make sure of that.  :0)

John, I have contacted  Gene, who created this site, and he is looking into the reasons why so many comments have mysteriously disappeared from here and other posts also!!

Not just your comments, John.  The comments David made as well seem to have disappeared.  Don't understand it?

Hi Trish, I posted yesterday that has also gone. I just posted that my vet in Colchester may do hip score Xrays. Anyway I phoned them this evening and they do, they are lovely vets, also good to know "just in case" that they have operated for bloat, I asked sometime ago just so I knew to save time if I should have this problem. they are your side of Colchester, let me know if you want directions.vet details-THE ARK (01206 572410).

PS. Good luck for Saturday enjoy.

Just got Bess's hip scores back - only took 3 weeks!  Her score is 5:4 = 9.  I'm thinking that's a good score? 

Yes Trish it is a good score, well below the Breed mean average.
Thank you!

HI Trish, as far as I know everything below 11-12 is a pretty good score:))) congratulations, well done!!

Thanks. I was quite nervous waiting for the results! :0)




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