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Does anyone use a special diet or kibble for their puppies?   Have you had any problems with wheat/gluten intolerance in your puppies?   My dog Nugget has lots of bowel movements, more than three a day, and eats rock

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Another question: I am finding conflicting information regarding the need to cook vegetables because dogs cannot digest properly for nutrients versus feeding raw vegetables.  Also, some people feed garlic and my readings indicate garlic and onions can cause anemia in the dogs?  Your experiences or knowledge again helpful.  Thanks

My dogs veggies are well blended, almost pulp, but there is an argument that dogs do not need veggies at all. Two of mine don't care much for them at all, whilst my red and white still scoff most edible things until she is full.   Onions are not good for dogs, but garlic can be given in moderation contrary to some of the things which are being thrown around on facebook.  Although onions and garlic are off the same family, the amino acid structure is different, therefore dogs can take small amounts of garlic as opposed to onions.

Sue, I feed garlic to my dogs every day, you would have to feed a large amount to cause any harm also by feeding raw garlic it helps to keep worms.. ticks and fleas at bay I do not use any chemicals inside or outside my 3 and we have just gone through another summer with not one tick  flea or worm it also helps to build a good strong immune system.....I also do the same as Fran and put all raw veggies in a food processor and almost pulp them...

Diatomaceous earth (food grade) is great for worming too. In fact someone I know put it to the test. She wormed her dog using this when she suspected worms, and then collected a sample and sent it away for analysis. The result? 0 worm count :-)

Yes I used it on Bracken when we first got him Fran but Riley and Cassie wont touch it....but when we had some rain my garden was covered with slugs and having a pup I did not want him to eat them, I put a light sprinkle around the edge of the garden.....not seem a slug since...:0)

Seems like garlic could be a beneficial additive to Nugget's diet then

Yes Sue, I believe Garlic to be very beneficial fresh and raw is best...

Yesterday Nugget found small deer leg that had been apparently eaten by another animal.  The bone looked relatively fresh, small amount of fur on it, no tissue on it and certainly no maggots or bugs.  Nugget loved chewing on the join and hoof.  Can he eat too much bone or hoof?  Seemed to me like it would go along with raw feeding as long as the leg didn't look decayed, etc.   Any thoughts?

They will eat what they can and yes they can over feed, you will know once it passes through, because you will get masses of poop!

Mine did best on fresh food with ground sirloin from a known butcher, chicken, turkey and all the fresh food and yogart daily helps the digestive track.  Also found out the hard way that Listerine Zero is not harmful to dogs if consumed company reports no negative reactions found.  My pup opened the child safety lid and drank the bottle late on a Sunday so nothing was open.  She had fresh breath for two days.  So after a teeth brushing she gets a little.  The zero has no alcohol in it.

Thanks for the dietary info and also your story about Listerine Zero.  I can just imagine your dog opening the childproof cap.  Nugget is very curious and quick to grab everything he sees and stick it in his mouth.  Yesterday he ate some paper towel before I could get it away from him, and also apparently ate some of the blue rubber glove that he swiped from my husband's supplies in the garage.  He threw up his dinner later; apparently the paper towel and piece of glove didn't go all the way down, fortunately!  He is not learning "drop it" very well and thinks everything is a game.




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