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Well now, our 11 year old IS Bridie is having the worst year ever. She had an emergency op for pyometra earlier in the year, then was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 6 weeks ago. We went away in the motorhome to Wales and she was fine, even going some way up Snowdon, but on returning home she started throwing up several hours after each meal,

A visit to the vet and we were looking at gastritis, possibly because of a hairball ( which she has suffered periodically for several years). However the week of medication has only made the situation a little better, so I took her back to the vet yesterday. She's had a blood test, and X Ray and Ultra sound today with the consequent diagnosis of cancer of the stomach....likely to be adenocarcinoma, but we will only know if we have a biopsy done, which we have agreed is not actually going to help the situation.

I'm totally gutted, and it looks like prognosis is 2 to 6 months...you'd never know from her behaviour....so cheeky with it and mistress of all that she sees which includes 4 dogs, 1 cat and my husband...She and I share the role of keeping them all in their places!!

Has anyone any information either through their own experience or through reading articles/books etc.? I really want to know what I can do apart from giving the anti nausea meds, anti inflammatories, and now a small dose of steroids.

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Very distressing Sue. I am very sorry. I lost one to cancer prematurely about 10yrs ago. Just know that when 'you' get to heaven, she will be there to greet you.


So sorry Sue, I don't have anything to offer except sympathy. I hope Bridie has many many good days before you have to say enough is enough. Having lost an elderly lady recently (not an Irish) with an abdominal tumour, I know what you're going through.

My thoughts are with you.


Dawn R.

Sounds like Bridie needs to stay around for a lot longer Sue, to help keep the home under control :0)) We will keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.
Take care Dianne and Irish. X

Thinking of you ,

Howard and Joan

I am so very sorry Sue! Have lost five years ago my IS Billy with cancer. Maybe you will ask your Vet if Iscador from Weleda can help your Bridie.


Oh Sue I am extremely sorry... such a hard time for all you.. I hope Bridie will have several more stable years in front , we will even know how these nasty things evolve.. take lot of care X

Thank you for the suggestion Barbara, and I will certainly discuss it with our vet.

So sorry to hear. But they are amazing for their resilience and I hope you have many more happy months with Bridie.  I have no idea if this is helpful, but you could try turmeric which has anti-inflamatory and antioxident properties, plus give lots of little meals of light food to reduce the burden on the tummy.  Do you know if her liver enzymes are elevated?  If so, perhaps liver support like Denamarin.  Thinking of you.

Thank you for the suggestions Rebecca. We're giving her 5 small meals a day at present to help her cope. Liver is ok currently but will keep it in mind, and will tell my daughter as her oldie has a problem which requires support for the liver and we've never heard of Denamarin until now.

I'm in the process of collecting info at the moment and will add turmeric to the list of possibles .Thankyou.

Denamarin does a number of things to support the liver but it's main action is to increase the levels of Glutathione in the liver which is a potent anti-oxidant. It also protects liver cells from cell death. It isn't cheap... we got it online saving £10 compared to the cost from the vet, but it was still £45 for a months supply of the size we needed.  Another (cheaper) option is Milk Thistle+ Powder from Denes, which also contains silybin.  Luna was on this for a couple of years and did very well, and we then changed to Denamarin later on.  Hugs for Bridie.x




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