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I haven't been here in a really long time but just wanted to share that Keba and Rooker turned 13 yesterday. I am so blessed to still have them both but will say that 2 senior dogs is rather trying at times - emotionally, physically and financially. They each have their ( ha, me too ) share of issues and we take every day as it comes. I wish I could share a recent photo but I ditched the cell phone 4 years ago. We have some old blog posts up if you care to take a peek.

So from Keba and Rooker and myself, lots of hugs and treats to our feathered friends that bring us so much joy in a trying world.

Best to all


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Here we go.

Rooker on the left. Keba on the right. The little boy in the center is their little buddy Boomer. Known as 'the Booms'. He is the craziest - sweetest little buddy. Don't let him know you have a ball.

Love the photo of these beautiful reds. Thank you for posting. My Birdie is already eight years old -- very hard to believe -- and I'm sure you know the secret is to love everyday with these amazing Setters. We're so lucky, aren't we?

Thank you Carole. They're doing ok and have good days and bad. Keba has a tumor and Rooker is losing his hind end. They get so many hugs. They have been the bestest good boys.

Such an amazing post, rob! Lot of hugs to them! We lost our oberon in 2022 for bloat, at 12y old and it was so soon , terrible and unexpected. I simpatize , 13 is a very senior age, hold them tight!! We started now again with a new entry, romeo, and after having a gentleman in his twilight years i forgot how busy are puppy days ; ).. but still grieving obi, of course... Hold them every day, bless them

Thank you Silvia. I mistakenly thought bloat wasn't so much an issue once they got a lot older. I hope I have a puppy still in me. Amazing how things change in just a few months. Rooker is having much difficulty walking. He's eating great, and won't mess in the house and wants his chewies but I've had to hold him up while pooping a few times. I know he's getting close but he has all his faculties still. Keba is doing well except the tumor on his shoulder is now very, very large. I'm looking into alternative methods of treatment (fenbendazole) and if any one sees this and has ideas please let me know. I need info on dose and duration. This is considered a repurposed drug as we know it is for worms but there appears to have been some success with cancer.. I may put up a separate post. Congrats on the new addition.

Hi Rob,

            It was nice to read your post about your boys. I too, have been out of the loop on ES for a long time and will try not to leave it as long in future. We all had some good times on here before other social media formats seemed to take over and decimate the activity on this site. By the way, Re: Bloat, I remember reading Wilko Jansen's research into the subject and he stated that the risk actually increases with age!

My best wishes, James.


This is late but I wanted to send birthday wishes to Keba and Rooker! I do understand the challenges of senior dogs only too well. Right now I have 5 girls; Annie, 12 (she isn't pure Irish but thinks she is); Whimsy, 7.5; Gwynnie, 7; Emma, 2; and Phoenix, 5 months. I lost my Golden Retriever, Baie-Leigh, shortly before she turned 13 last year. 

Here is wishing them, and you, many more years of healthy living! :)




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