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Just joined this forum with a hope of finding some answers/solutions regarding the dreaded GDV in one of my setters. I have had setters for over 30 yrs and have never had a problem until now. My previous pair lived to 15yrs. I have 2  girls who are now 5yrs old (sisters) Sophie and Missy. Sophie is the larger of the two .I also have a 2yr old yorkshire terrier called Lucy. Last June Sophie started wretching, became unsettled, Lucy started barking at her and wouldn't stop.. Next thing her abdomen became bloated. Rushed her to the vets, which thankfully was about 3 mins in the car. She was operated on right away noting that she had torsion as well. The vet had decided not to do a gastropexy as he was quite confident it would not recur!.....Sophie made a speedy recovery..I changed her feeding to 3 times a day with kibble and a little tinned dog food and changed to feeding bowl from elevated to floor level. All was well until I took my girls on a trip in my motorhome (they love being in the motorhome) with my sister who also has a motorhome. This was in October. Same thing happened again, so got her to a vet within an hour. Again the stomach had torsion again and the vet also carried out a gastropexy....Again Sophie recovered amazingly well.

Then just over a week again it happened again!..( 11th Feb) .Poor Sophie has had 3 major abdominal operations in the space of 8 months. I am at my wits end !!!. I have stopped feeding her kibble and put her on Chappie with some lightly cooked fresh mince. I do know that she burps quite a lot (has always done this) and when she is settled in the evening has her paw in her mouth like a comforter...

I don't know what else I can do to prevent this happening again..



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Good post Trish  :-)

The thing that bothers me the most....why am I procrastinating so much over raw food for my Irish!! I fed the family "dog" when the children were growing up just that a raw diet, leftovers, meat, bones and on the odd ocassion kibble!!
Hmmmm.......but I have ordered some chicken frames. I always fed them to my older setter and they only cost me $10 for approx 40 and they are fresh everyday....At least its a start.
I've only just noticed your post Rob, I'm sorry to read you have had a setter with bloat too.

Hello Shirley, Cathryn Mellersh at the Animal Health Trust is about to begin a research program into bloat, it is the first program that focuses on the genetic aspect of the condition, with the hope that a DNA marker can be found, the breed clubs have raised the first £15,000 for the first stage. A questionairre is going out soon to all Irish Setter owners which hopefully you will receive, but in your case, because of the work done at the Dick, it could be valuable to capture this information now. It would be really good if you would contact Bryan McLaughlin bryan.mclaughlin@aht.org.uk at the AHT to enrole Sophie & Missy in the program, if you could also contact the breeder of your two girls to get their cooperation in getting DNA from related dogs that would be a great help too. Many thanks, Rosie

Hi Rosie

Thanks for the info..I have emailed Bryan and also the breeder....Will keep this updated of any news.

Sophie is more or less back to her old self and is continually on the hunt for any tast bits she can find. Grapes and raisins are now banned from the house....






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