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Whats the worst thing your mad setter has pinched/played with and what do you do? ....


grit ur teeth or laugh histerically!!


Rubys favourite is underwear and socks, if she can get out in the garden she loves to throw them around!! has us in stitches as gets all tangled up.  

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Snap !!!!! I found my knickers and my husbands socks on the drive last week, luckily I got to them before the postman turned up..................we had to laugh....our Jet just loves socks, beside other items of clothing !!! Regards Linda.
Our dog Derry pinches everything that I am using so my husband has to take him to the beach for a couple of hours on a Sunday so that I can actually do some house work. Boring for me but great for Derry. He also hides things and when I am otherwise distracted he gets them out again and switches to destroy mode.
Haha, aww such fab tales :) Amber loves to pinch underwear esp: knickers (again how we laugh as she gets them tangled round her forearms and snout! lol) She also goes for any tissues or toilet paper like a bat out of hell, and has done the 'Andrex puppy' more times than we care to imagine! Lol. We have to hide it all now, She also loves to rip up Newspapers! 
All this and she's only just 11 weeks old! Can't wait to see what her new faves will be over the coming months and years! *rolls eyes* xx
Never mind rolling your eyes,you will need a repeat prescription for valium x Sue
Lovely story Sue, I am constantly amazed at how setters are all basically the same but with their own special quirks! Love them ALL. ;-))
I know I've already posted, but I forgot to mention that Coz really loves coffee. He takes his with cream and sugar, I'll have you know. I have to poor myself just a third of a cup, because I keep putting it down to do something and darn it if that dog's tongue isn't instantly in the cup. So off goes the cup to the dishwasher and I pour myself another third cup ... we go through a lot of coffee cups each morning. It's not until I've managed to get a full cup of coffee in me that I can remember to keep the beverage away from the dog ... it is a real conundrum. I cannot think of any breed in LESS need of caffeine in the morning!!
Bella will have your glass of wine in a nano-second if you put it down....... I blame her for why I now drink so fast.
My girl loved beer! :-)
Mine are a pair of teapots!!!!
and mine.!!!!!!............. and coffee and what ever else I wrongly think that might be mine
Haha, mine is crazy for the smell of the new Hazelnut Baileys - but it's all miiiiiiiiiinee :-D
is pretty Amber an alchy already x Sue




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