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have any of you been told as you are nearing or are in your 60s you are to old for an Irish?

it is so good to find on this site lots of people that must be in that age group.

golly i think i am more enegetic than most of the younger generation of today.

cheers Rosie


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My husband is retiring next year and looking forward to having more time to spend with our 21/2 year old Irish Setter. Our last one was 18 years old when she died and she kept us active as she needed walked 2-3 times daily even nearing the end. I don't think it's so much age that should be the barrier, but stamina.

There are lots of other ways to exercise them rather than running round after them too, teaching them to fetch means they run about 10 miles for every 1mile I cover...lol

Wow!.......18 years old....fantastic, how lucky were you to have had her so long :-))

Yeah, extremely lucky. Jess was a brilliant dog with great health up until her last year or so. She had a few minor things and became incontinent about 5 years prior to her death but this was successfully treated with drops given daily. She was a huge miss when she finally went.

It took us 2 years to commit to another dog and that was only after seeing an advert to rehome Phoebe. She had been owned by a farmer who wanted a dog to keep down vermin but couldn't cope with her energy. He'd had a collie before Phoebe and the difference proved too much.

Unbelievable, you are so lucky!!!! very happy for you Roberta, many congratulations and wish you the same for all the one you will ever have  :-)
Thanks Chantal, we do think we were extremely lucky with Jess. This girl seems a good one too and is already starting to settle. She hadn't been trained at all before we got her and only answered to the name 'dog' so she was a bit of a handful when she first arrived home with us. We were a little bit worried (old dog, new tricks etc) but she now knows all her basic commands and comes to her name.....usually ;-))
Roberta congratulations on making a spot for a special Irish Setter in your home.....I too, have a rescued Irish Setter here and two years out I can honestly say it is one of the best things we have done in last two years.  We went thru that wildness and no house sense or manners but Miss Molly showed us pretty quickly she was a quick study and in three months had the run of our home (oops her home) 24/7. I hope you find the same with your new Irish lass.  Amazing how long you were owned by Jess and what special moments and memories you must have of her.  I do think it is a tribute to our past Irish when we eventually heal enough to have another Irish Setter in our life....we know that special devotion and love an Irish Setter shares with their family and just how wonderful life with one can be .  Best of luck with your new Irish !

Rosie, the only good thing to come out of 'that clown' was this post.

You are as young as the setter you own!!!

thankyou James and all the advice i have recieved from you beaut Setter mad folk. i am going to get my pup in three weeks time can hardly wait, he is as they all are adorable, so after 10 years without one i'm back.  had the most wonderful German Shephed in-between my Zeta who will always have a special place in my heart as do all the Setters before.

cheers Rosie


My feelings exactly!

Will always sell to an 'older' person especially one who has had an irish before. Was very let down by a family with young children who assured me that the dog would get heaps of exercise with the children. Got a phone call at 11 at night saying the dog had been picked up wandering the streets. Happily re-settled now.

Irish are very cuddly dogs and I find, just respond to the environment they are in....as long as they are loved.




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