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I know that this topic has been discussed over and over again, but I can't seem to find any answer that fits exactly what I need.

I need to trim my girls for a show and have zero experience, so I'll not be doing it myself. I have a friend that has a lot of experience trimming, but not setters, so I was wondering if any of you could send me any images or pictures that would show exactly what to do in every part of the body.

I have been searching all over for this, but can't seem to find any image that will show us what we need, and we are running out of time!


Thank you all

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It'll be UK style. I am not an expert, I have never shown a dog in my life but from what I know the trim is usually UK around here. The only execpiton are dogs that came form the US (not many) that are shown US style. Therefore, since my girls have a more "european" look, the are expected to be presented "european"


I had not remembered that very big detail, thank you very much for bringing it up!

Hope so!

I've been looking all over, and haven't found anything yet!

I have seen stuff on youtube Teresa.  I believe it is the UK style also due to the accent of the groomer!  Try searching there. 
Hi Teresa, you can get The Styling Academy DVD on Grooming the Irish setter by Dee Milligan-Bott, on ebay or possibly  Amazon. It is brilliant, it shows everything from bathing to trimming. Hope you can find it regards Linda. 




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