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It is with enormous sorrow that I write this. I had to put my baby down this morning. Dublin been having bad stomach problems from the potassium bromide he was on that were controlling very nicely his seizures. He has had runny stools for over a week and I saw both our vet and called the neuro about it. They didn't react quickly enough I am afraid to say because he woke today vomitting blood. He was trembling in pain and I rushed him to the vet and insisted they do the pancreatitis blood work. She didn't understand why I insisted on this test FIRST. I know that the drug he was on can cause it. She should have read more! Anyway he did have it and it had caused several ulcers hence the bleeding. He was in so much pain I just died. I ended his suffering earlier than some might think but I knew we couldn't afford all that was needed to be done today alone. Ultrasounds, IV and at least a week in the hospital let alone they had to stop his drugs and then start all over again with newer more expensive human drugs to try to control his seizures. And they said he would probably need surgery for the ulcers. I am pissed that money or lack of it meant he couldn't get a chance to survive but the end result is that he wasn't going to well even if I did have the money. He was suffering and I just couldn't do it anymore. I just didn't have 4 or 5 thousand dollars laying around. My household is devestated and my best friend is gone and I am so empty and I do not know how to go on without him here. He was only two but it felt like he had touched so so many people. Not a dry eye at the vets office and I have no idea how to tell all his friends at the dog park. He was just this huge presence in so many people's lives. My favorite breed, and I am afraid to get another one. But I don't think I can live without one either. Sigh.....sorry if I bummed anyone out. I just needed to vent and let my feelings out.

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thank you Patricia.
So glad to hear you have found someone you trust for another puppy. Can not wait to see pictures and to hear about the new boy. Are you able to go and see the puppy until he comes home?
At four weeks yes, but it is six hours away so we might have to rely on pictures till we get him at 9 weeks.
Six hours is far. I am lucky Scout and Hawk's breeder is one hour. I saw Hawk several times before he came home. The first time at two weeks, he was the first puppy I held and should of known then he would come home with me. I try to take Hawk over once a month to run and play.
Oh you were lucky to be that close. They also offered for us to come back up once the lad has his feathering so they can teach me to groom him myself if I wanted to save money on that expense. I think it would be fun to take him back there for that. The waiting is a killer. Not till mid January can we get him. And it will be my first time having a pup in the middfle of winter to housebreak. That should be fun. NOT.....out in my bathrobe with boots on at 2am and say "go peepee, go peepee"!!
At least by the time he needs to really be out running it will be springtime.
When Scout became ill I put in a doggy door as he could not be left outside and it made it easier to train Hawk. When no one was home he followed the girls around and I only had a few accidents. Hawk sleeps all night I never had to take him out at 2 am. He is a very different boy. I have to wake him up in the mornings to potty and eat breakfast.
Hi Susan, just picked up your awful news. I am so so sorry. I lost my Setter, Zeus, back in July - 10 yrs old. He too was such a terrific companion. The fact that Dublin was only two yrs old is tragic. Life seems so unfair at times doesn't it? I think you did the best you could for him. You really have to take the awful decision knowing that you have put an end to his pain although it is more painful to you. My dog had heart disease and was starting to suffer real bad in the end and so we really had no choice, all had been done that could have been. I too was angry with having all blood tests, scans, ecg's, x-rays, monitors and, in the end, 10 tablets a day. We are now looking to rescue two setters hopefully, - this is my dream! One thing is certain though - no other setter will ever take the place of your first. Take care.
Hi Susan, I don't know you but I know all too well what it's like to lose a young one. I lost my girl back in July, she was only 11 months old. Yes money was an issue but the major problem was she wasn't going to survive anyway. It absolutely devastated me but, having been ther first hand. I promise you it will get easier. You will never ever forget Dublin, same as I'll never forget Eva. I would say that you need to focus now on raising awareness of his illness like I have been with her (she had AIHA, which is a severe form of sceptecemia, and can kill within 12 hours). 5 months on, I am about to get another irish setter puppy. A male this time. It will take time but I promise you you will be okay and he will always be in your heart. Lots of love to you x x x x
Many thanks for your kindness Mel, a painting would be so wonderful. I have found a puppy and we will be getting him mid January. He is only 13 days old right now! As joyous as that is, this gives me some time to deal with the loss for a while more. It has hit me harder than I ever could of imagined. I almost feel guilty because my husband and I are taking this harder than my boys are and we had Dub less time than any other dog of ours. But each one effects you differently I guess. I know the new pup will give me focus again and maybe all the idle time I have right now that would have been spent with the dog, isn't the best thing.
Hi Susan, I have only just read your news, so sorry to hear about Dublin, but he will live in your heart 4 eva. Good luck for the future. Jacky
Sorry to here you lost dublin, my heart goes out to you .... I lost my old lady in april she was 12yrs 8mth but now with my little one, the pain is slowly easing, for both me and Ruby who lost her mum
Susan, I am so sorry about your special friend. This part, the dying part, is the most difficult step in having a irish setter child. I am sure Dublin would agree to a puppy that can comfort you in your sorrow and that can be a friend to you. Greetings out of Knysna!!!!




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