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Looks like we've finally found a raw food and homeopathic remedy that works for Rosco and helps to control the chronic bloating. These last few days he's in bounding form and back to the cheeky and confident Rosco we used to know. He's had little wind and no threats of bloating. I can't believe this problem has been ongoing nearly a year he's such a fighter.

The food that works is the lamb with the added vitamins/minerals which help with digestion from http://www.naturalinstinct.com/products/Lamb.html and the remedy Lycopodium. He also gets the green Tripe.

The Lycopodium works well with his personality. It helps to treat a dog with anxiety, flatulence, bloating and digestion problems.

Rosco has been through operations, biopsies, immune suppressant treatment, and alot of other drugs. I'd really advise anyone to try the homeopathic route and raw diet first.

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Rita, Are you still giving the homepathic remedies daily as preventative or only as and when he needs it. And please could you confirm what exactly are you giving as I know you have tried alot. Also which dried food did you give on holiday? Sorry so many questions. 

I ask for detail as I have two 10 month old boys suffering greatly with malabsorbtion (runny stools, griping stomach and wind). Not helped as they have had stool diagnosed giadia twice in 2 months (not sure if I have spelled that corretly) which I can only assume they are picking up from dirty puddles cow dung etc when they run free in the fields. .The giardia has been treated with Panacur (3 consequetive days). Ongoing now the vet has them on Profibre (probiotics & fibre pellets) and Panzym enzymes but its only since they have been put on Chappie original have things settled a bit in that we have more solid stools but they are pooing vast amounts too much I think.  Im looking for another food as they need better especially as they are still young and growing. They weigh 25kg but have not put any weight on now for about 5 weeks. I showed the vet Fran griffin's link to the (is it Marconia) enzyme but he said it was no different. Fran would you say its better? All help is appreciated..

Julie I haven't given the homeopathic remedies to Rosco in nearly 2 months. I hand wind him by patting his side and he gets activated charcoal which can be bought at any health food store. Once he starts to go down he's put into his crate, he feels really secure there and will relax. The more stressed he gets the longer he stays bloated.

I'm feeding Rosco a diet of RAW, he wasn't on any dried dog food. We brought all his food with us to Sweden frozen. It was packed up really well and was still frozen solid when we got to our destination. Chappie is not a great food, too much wastage in stools means the dog isn't digesting the food right thus not getting the nutrients. 

There's a food in the UK called http://www.fish4dogs.com/ which is great for sensitive stomachs. I currently feed http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/dogs/dry_dog_food/orijen/orijen_adult... it's a fantastic food. 

I agree Orijen is great food, but mine wouldn't eat it. 

Thanks all. Tracy, the young ones have had 50mg/kg of panacur that is 1.25 of 4.5g sachets for 5 days then 4 weeks later 1.5 sachets for 3 days. No the vet wont give them metronidazole I have asked and in fact I have some in my cupboard . I have used it before on other dogs but he says the active ingredient in panacur is the recognised best treatment. He is suggesting that they keep getting reinfected but I have 4 dogs and have medicated all 4 both times to avoid this. I used to feed them a wet food like Natures Harvest but Turkey flavour but since the gardia it just makes them v runny. the vet says they will have inflamed bowels for a while or may even have got antibodies against the Turkey hence the bland chappie. He says I have to give it a while. I have added some pilchards and cooked fresh sardines which they have tolerated so fish may be the way forward.

Sounds like Roscoe is getting back to his old self. Such a result. Thanks for sharing all these useful tips and ideas.

I was just wondering: why not just feed plain yoghurt or cottage cheese to increase beneficial bacteria in the stomach? It sounds like our dogs would really benefit from it and it's part of the recommended BARF diet anyway...

Has anybody got any experience feeding yoghurt? Errol gets the occasional dollop and whenever I have one for desert he's allowed to clean out the pot. I'm not suggesting it's the answer to everything but there are no probs with bloat here (touch wood). I feed whatever I can lay my hands on from superexpensive to supercheap, sometimes raw sometimes canned always with a bit of kibble for extra crunch (but never just dry) - really there's no routine - and he can be a stressy and overexciteable dog...

Maybe we're just lucky?

I do to Tracy. Probiotic plain yoghurt with honey. A dollop each and three for me!

I give manuka honey more so than yoghurt...manuka honey has high probiotics

Blimey Rita that's some expensive honey you have there in your larder. Think I might have to stick with the old fermented cowsmilk.



Indeed quite expensive KC but so efficient!!!!! it was advised to me by my vet and I can only recommend it, very highly recommend it in fact.

There's a race this weekend at Darty Forest in Cavan...might be to warm to run the dogs but we are going anyway for the social aspect. 




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