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Looks like we've finally found a raw food and homeopathic remedy that works for Rosco and helps to control the chronic bloating. These last few days he's in bounding form and back to the cheeky and confident Rosco we used to know. He's had little wind and no threats of bloating. I can't believe this problem has been ongoing nearly a year he's such a fighter.

The food that works is the lamb with the added vitamins/minerals which help with digestion from http://www.naturalinstinct.com/products/Lamb.html and the remedy Lycopodium. He also gets the green Tripe.

The Lycopodium works well with his personality. It helps to treat a dog with anxiety, flatulence, bloating and digestion problems.

Rosco has been through operations, biopsies, immune suppressant treatment, and alot of other drugs. I'd really advise anyone to try the homeopathic route and raw diet first.

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Mel, that must be have been such a difficult time for you! This was before I started getting into showing, so didn't know Leo! Must check your photos and see if he is there! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Mel!  Leo was a very handsome dog;o) Type I love!!

Hi.  They have recreational bones and proper raw meaty bones for a meal.  The bones are extremely meaty and much better quality than I have been able to obtain in local butchers.  I have used the recreational bones for my young dog to use, so that she is chewing on those rather than things she shouldn't. However, she is now just about outgrowing the chewing phase now, so they should no longer be needed.  It is this particular food, plus digestive enzymes which have saved the life of my girl who was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy and laryngeal paralysis.  The nutritionist at Cambridge Uni vet school looked at this diet and most surprisingly said that in her opinion it was excellent.  You could have knocked me down with a feather !!!!!

Mel you must of went through such a difficult time ((hug)) Luckily you had good friends to help and give you the support needed at the time. This site has been a wealth of knowledge for me aswell and I've gotten continued support from the members here in helping me fight Roscos condition.

I've been feeding raw on and off for 4 years now. I just couldn't find a balance for Rosco that suited his sensitive stomach. The ingredients in the Lamb supplied by Natural Instinct has really helped. As Tom said (Homeopath) the quality of the meat is really important aswell. Raw chicken would always leave Rosco in a massive bloat. Too much of rich lamb can be a bad thing so I'm trying to balance it out with tripe which he does good on and some beef chunks. I prefer the chunks to the mince as it gets the dogs jaws working. The food at Natural Instinct is really pricey though and that's such a downfall.



I dont think Ive read any more updates on Rosco with bloating. I know you have been to sweden with him so he must be fit and well. Apologies if I have missed a thread on another blog.

How is he and what  maintenance diet / meds is he on now? I ask as this is clearly a success story and one we can all learn from and keep the knowledge for when we might need it. thanks Julie

Hi Julie

Rosco isn't 100% cured but we can manage his condition. His condition is physiological and if he gets in a stressful situation he will threatening to bloat. In Sweden he was like a new dog, he was so happy full of energy.. The first day we landed home he walked about the house looking unhappy and then bloated.  He got to a really big size, and it took him a few days to settle. Hard to believe he's a happier dog in the van and travelling around, he really has to be doing something. He's still on the diet of lamb, beef and tripe which agrees with him the best. he could go weeks without bloating so it's progress compared to 2-3 times a day.

Aww, thats Brilliant that his doing so well.

I'm really scared about my IS rosie bloating, i have already rushed her to the emergency vets once thinking she was in the early stages of bloating but luckily by the time we got there she was fine after constantly burping and farting.

Her tummy gets really hard and bubbly and i can hear from across the room straight after eating. Also she gets foul wind.

Was this a sign in your dog?



Charlotte what food is Rosie on? There's a product called Activated Charcoal which absorbs the gas and helps with wind it can be bought in most pet stores. I use it daily in Rosco's food but consult with your vet. It sounds like your dog does suffer with digestive problems but it could be the food she's eating. If she's burping and farting at least she's releasing the gas. 

Charlotte, what you have described with the bubbly stomach is called "borborygmi" and is a classic sign of malabsoption.  Please get Rosie onto digestive enzymes as a matter of urgency.  Go take a look at the Nzymes website.  Yes, malabsorption can lead to bloat, at they do not digest the food properly and it is likely the food will sit in the stomach fermenting rather than passing through the gut! Strangely enough, I have just come in from a first aid course and I mentioned this to the veterinary running the course and she also agreed that borborygmi is a classic sign of malabsorption too.

Hello, thanks i'll look at that and mention tomorrow to my vet, ive looked at the causes and symptoms and it doesnt really sound like my rose if im honest :/ but defiantly look into thanks.

Why as a matter of urgency for the enzymes?


Very happy to read your boy is feeling better! It mush have been very stressful. My Flora had bloat and torsion on 31th of December 2011. After the operation, one and a half month of short walks on leash (she was also in heat), she is fine, like nothing ever happened. Not a scar on her tummy, no more bloats, nothing (knocking on wood :)) OK, her hail is still short, but that's negligible. It seems like a nightmare that happened long time ago. I feed her mainly with Arden Grange Lamb and Rice. 

Mine are on Arden Grange Lamb and Rice, including Milo, who bloated last summer! I did have him on raw for 6 months after bloating, but I dont have a large freezer or a local friendly butcher(had to give up the raw!) But Milo seems to be doing great on Arden Grange for now!




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