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Reuben vomited today after drinking water and mainly threw up water with a bit of chicken he had earlier from recall training. Now I thought maybe he had just drunk to fast but thinking about it he vomited last week at least one day, the week before and maybe another day (trying to rack brains). He also tried to vomit yesterday actually but nothing came up but he was eating leaves of the tree in our garden.
Should I be worried? He seems fine otherwise but maybe there is something wrong?

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My puppy did this but it was because she had swallowed some stones which thankfully she passed. Maybe get him checked out just to be sure. Hope he feels better soon x
Hi Louise.
I'd do as Sue said and take notes to see when this occurs etc.
Should be fine though...our Bridie does this quite a lot when she has a drink.Usually when she's hyped up. Just over does it and gulps loads of air in with the fluid, and up it comes.
Thank you everyone, I will keep a note. It seems that he drinks his water to fast sometimes as not happened the last few days.
OH MY GOODNESS REALLY? That didnt cross my mind as it is on and off vomiting and say once a week. I do not feed him chicken fat or bones anyway, so no worries there.
thank you though.
Excessive drinking should always be treated as a heads up for a possible underlying concern. It may just be some unwelcome toxins in the system which nature is telling the dog to flush out of it's system, or it can be an indicator for more serious problems such as kidney, bladder/urinary tract or liver infection or malfunction, diabeties or cushings, in bitches a sign of pyometra. It's common in older dogs when vital organs lack performance.

If this is a isolated incident, it's likely Reuben has taken something onboard that he is trying to get rid of, you mentioned he had eaten some leaves, remember, lots of plants in our gardens are poisonous to dogs. If he persists in drinking excessively you shoud take him to the vet, it will save you time if you take a urine sample with you to the first visit.
Thank you everyone and he hasnt vomited again for a while, so I am not particulary worried now. But I have taken all your useful info and advice on board and it is much appreciated.




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