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Went to the Irish Setter Breeders club show today. Some of you may recall the difficulties I've had with Bess - to the extent the Ring Craft club I go to awarded me the award for the handler with the most perseverence (read most difficult dog)!

Well, I was a bit worried today as they had hot air blowers round the hall which spooked Bess something chronic. One was pointing straight towards the ring, and Bess was eyeing it up very nervously, so my husband and the lovely Catherine Carter (who gave me some helpful tips as well) stood in front of it! Seemed to work as Bess was the best behaved to date.

We didn't get placed, and I did a square instead of a triangle, but she moved on 4 legs albeit not very well.

I think she's calmed down after her season, and responding to me a lot better. So now perhaps i can concentrate on handling her better rather than providing the ringside entertainment. :0)

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It does get better if you're prepared to put in the time and effort.  People are always saying to me "The more you put in, the more you get out" and it's true.  Rigsby is making steady progress and is so much better than he was this time last year. 

Very true!

Found out yesterday how much 'ring craft' has helped in the 'real' world.  Took Bess to the vets for her annual check up and vaccination, and the vet had a good look at her teeth - and remarked how good she was at having them looked at.  Then she gave her the kennel cough vaccine up her nostril - six months ago the vet had to trap her in a corner to do it, this time Bess just stood calmly as if she was standing for the judge, and just looked a bit puzzled as the vaccine was squirted.  I was very pleased with her, and the marked difference in behaviour from when she was six months old! 

Way to go Trish and Bess! woot-woot! Very nice of Catherine to provide coaching/support for you at the show, you must have been very appreciative. : )  Keep up the good work, Kim and Dougal : )

Well done Trish and Bess, perseverance is the key :0)) Dianne and Irish.

Talking of Hoovers Oscar hates it and hides under my husbands desk or tries to sit on his knee !! His sister Sky on the other hand follows me around and tries to play with it and thinks it's a big game !!! She does make me laugh :)

At ringcraft tonight the trainer (who's not been there for some time) told me Bess would get the prize for 'standing for the judge' tonight! He was really impressed with her. I was very pleased!! :0)
Sounds like all your hard work is paying off Trish, well done to you and Bess. Take care.

Thanks Dianne!  I think Bess is enjoying it more now she knows what she's supposed to be doing (let's face it, she's being handled by me and I didn't have a clue!).  I now know she can do it, I just hope she will do it in the show ring!  :0)

Are you going to the Champ Show @ the Three Counties this weekend?

No, but we're going to a Gundog Open show at Coventry on Sunday.  I wanted to get a bit more practice before the Champ shows. I was going to just keep to the Opens, but the ring craft trainers persuaded me to enter the Champ Shows.   Our first Champ Show will be the Southern Counties at the end of May. 

I'm going to decide on Sunday if we will also be there.  It will be our first Champ Show so I want to see how well (or not), he does before committing myself.  I would have liked to go to Windsor but Rigsby's breeder is judging, so we can't!    

Good luck on Sunday!


Good luck to you too!!




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