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Went to the Irish Setter Breeders club show today. Some of you may recall the difficulties I've had with Bess - to the extent the Ring Craft club I go to awarded me the award for the handler with the most perseverence (read most difficult dog)!

Well, I was a bit worried today as they had hot air blowers round the hall which spooked Bess something chronic. One was pointing straight towards the ring, and Bess was eyeing it up very nervously, so my husband and the lovely Catherine Carter (who gave me some helpful tips as well) stood in front of it! Seemed to work as Bess was the best behaved to date.

We didn't get placed, and I did a square instead of a triangle, but she moved on 4 legs albeit not very well.

I think she's calmed down after her season, and responding to me a lot better. So now perhaps i can concentrate on handling her better rather than providing the ringside entertainment. :0)

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Will see you there Lesley as it's our fist show on Sunday at 3 counties. 

Should be fun as Sky is bound to show me up and embarrass me but at least I can use the excuse that she is a puppy !!

Sadly, I don't have that excuse!  

Rigsby is still a bit nervous around strangers but I'm hoping that he'll have fun and make some steady progress.  He is so much better than he was 6 months ago. 

You're brave starting with a Champ Show, Pippa!

It's because I have alot of support from others who are showing on Sunday and one of them is running my girl as I am unable to run, i'm a bit of a hobbler with my walking stick. We are newbies at all this as well.

Was going to show our boy as well but he isn't ready yet all of a sudden has grown to quickly and got a little skinny !!

We'll look out for her at the show, good luck!

I'm still picking myself up off of the floor. We went to the Birmingham and District Open Show today. There were some lovely dogs there - so nice OH and I felt we might as well turn round and go home. I felt that particularly when we walked into the ring and we had a jumping up session before she agreed to stand. But she did decide to behave for the judge.

Well - you could have knocked me down with a feather when we were called out second in the Junior class -out of 6 dogs! My husband said he nearly fell over.

Then we went into Post Grad where she decided to have another little play around tore off my number, but again we were placed. Third out of four!

This is the first time we've been placed above other setters. I'm so proud of her! She got a bacon roll all to herself to celebrate. (Well, she eats healthily the rest of the time). Ill post a couple of pics in a sec.

Yay!! well done Trish...and Bess..finally lol!! It's a great feeling isn't it????All that hard work, perseverance and patience is paying off now. Trouble is once you get the bug you want more...it's addictive lol!! Great day for you all, look forward to seeing the photos xx

Thank you! Can't wait for the South of England Gundog club next week now, so I think you're right! Lol

Woo-Hoo! So happy for you both!!!

Thank you!
So happy for you! Well done to you and Bess too! :-)

Well done!  


Couldn`t have happened to nicer ladies !!! Very well done Bess and Trish sooooo pleased for you both, you must be over the moon. lovely news <:0)))




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