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Hi I just wondered if it is usual for weight gain to slow right down and even a dog to lose weight as he approaches 12 months old?
Reuben is 11 months and hasn't gained weight since approx march. Intact he has lost weight slightly as 26 kilos today but 26.7 last week. I know he has more power in back legs now and runs alot stronger so presume he is just burning the calories up
However due to an ongoing slight cough problem (with no diagnosis as yet), I am just a little paranoid. He is eating, exercising well still so not overly concerned but more curious about normal weight gain patterns. He is measuring at 26 inches now, so quite the little pony!

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Actually Barbara, I was thinking about changing his food now to adult Arden grange. As thought it was about the right time.
This has got me thinking is my dog too skinny she is just over 10 months old is 24 inches tall and weighs 19 kilos, she is still on three meals a day as well as treats and things she manages to pinch.
You cant see her ribs and spin but can easily feel them but her pin bones stick out, her coat is very glossy but still has a lot of loose skin so she might grow a bit more.
She is full of running so i think she must burn off a lot of calories that way. You just worry sometimes as you want to do whats right for them.
She is still on puppy food i am thinking ishould i be changing it to the active range around now.
Haha I love the expression of looking like toast racks Sue, that really tickled me!
Hi Sue
Mine get weighed if they are at the vet. Only thing I would say with setters is that I dont like to be able to see the pin bones. I always feel with young ones that this is a clear sign I should be stepping up what they are getting.

Having had a boy that was a permanent toast rack I discovered that the best way to stop him looking like a refugee was to give him a bowl of porridge at night (not for everyone as it has all sorts of connotations for the allergic dogs etc) I found a small supper meal before they went to bed settled well and meant they werent hungry through the night. Neither did they get to burn it straight back off again.

With the current girl when I am getting ready for bed she stations herself in the kitchen by the fridge so that I dont forget her supper!
advice please
This is my first setter and I would like to know the average weight of an 8 month male setter. Paddy is a very fussy eater and he is worrying me. Can anyone advise??? Continue

Added by pat stewart on May 8, 2010 at 6:20pm — 7 Comments
Louise, this blog was posted at the beginning of the month, you may well want to read the answers there. It is nearly the same as your question!
I wish I knew the conversion of kilos to pounds, I can't compare Cash because I don't know! He is 6 1/2 months and weighs 43 lbs. He hasn't been weighed in more than a week so it could be higher now. He was gaining about 1-2 a week for a while there. He was 22 inches last I checked but again it changes weekly so I best check that too. He eats like a horse and somedays I can see his ribs but others he is covered. He is a running machine and seems to burn what he eats.
two point two pounds in a kilo Susan
Thank you everyone for your replies, they have totally put my mind at rest. I can feel Reuben's ribs but not see them and he looks just perfect to me. It could be that he is just having a growth spurt and I will increase his food according to a better appetite. And Susan 43 ilbs is 19.5 kilos.
As i said previously i am a bit paranoid due to Reuben's ongoing undiagnosed cough, so will keep an eye on his weight just in case any weight loss is a symptom relevant to his illness.

Thank you again
Yes Louise I sure would be concerned about that undiagnosed cough as well if it were my dog. Have you only consulted with your vet on it?
Hi Susan, Reuben is under the care of a specialist at a vet hospital and had several bronchoscopies etc but no diagnosis. I am phoning the consultant tomorrow as his cough seems to be getting slightly worse again and I am wondering if they have considered Laryngeal Paralysis yet.
He has been worse last November time and had antibiotics etc and seemed to improve but it has never totally gone and sems to be creeping back up again. It is strange He was tested for megasophagus (spelling?) and was clear.
I tried looking around and didn't get much on it. Toy breeds can have that collapsing trachia thing but you would have noticed under exam when they rub it. If sure is a head scratcher. Is it a dry cough versus a productive, more musuc producer type? Just love medical research although after my last two dogs you would think I had had enough of it!
It is definitely a dry cough and wretching and also like he has something stuck in his throat. No mucus. It is sometimes like he had been sneaking a crafty cigar in his bed! It has my vet hospital baffled and they are one of the best in the country!!! But also I can't just having them repeating tests all the time as I have to keep waiting for insurance monies to then pay straight back out again. Thank goodness for insurance because the bills are amazing!but if it works and a treatment/cure is found stuff the money.
Ahh yes I am sure you have done enough research Susan ( x)




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