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What age does setters' coats become longer and feathery?

I am just wondering what age setters' coat becomes long and feathery. My last setter I had had a georgeous coat but I can't remember what age he was when he developed the featherness. I know every dog will be different but can anyone tell me what the average age for setters' is for their coat to become longer and feathery? My puppy is 8 months old now and I can see his hair growing on his tail and along his spine. Also, is there a time when their coat darkens in colour? I can see dark hair showing from his neck to the middle of his spine. Is there an average age where his coat darkens in colour?

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My 7 month old male has had feathering growing nicely on his front legs for sometime. He also has some on his skirt and ankles and his tail has unbraided as I call it and is coming in really nice and slow. I agree with Viv it takes sometime for the sides and chest to grow in.
I have a 4 year old bitch and she has just got feathers on her chest and tail in the last 3 months! She was obviously a very late grower.
Coat and feathering are very much a function of heredity and breeding. If that is not there, then what is there can be fostered and protected, but you can't get something that is not in the genes. There are dogs out there that at 18 months old carrying a coat that used to be unheard of. It's mostly in the genes and breeding. If it's not there, you will wait in vain for what will never happen. Care only protects and enhances what is already there. It doesn't make something happen that never was .
My Ogie does have feathers on his legs,but I was just wondering when they get their hair longer on their bodies and tail. Sorry, I never mentioned the feathering on his legs :- ))
Dash is 18 months old, neutered, and has a gorgeous tail and leg feathers, and a nice amount of bib hair - but hardly any hair on his belly. I'm hopeful his belly and chest will fill out as he ages - his father and mother both have beautiful long coats.
guinness and bailey are 1 1/2 yrs. old , beautiful feathering and bib but only fuzz on their bellys. whats up with this? also how do you get rid of that blond fuzzy in their coat . i brush and brush but my arm is going to fall off. is there a easier /quicker way to remove it?
Our Molly turned one year the other day. She has just finished her first season and I have noticed the coat is starting to have more feathering. Her coat has also become much darker.




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