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What do you call your dogs (other than their name) and why?

Just reading the "do setters ever grow up" thread got me thinking about what we call(shout scream etc) at our dogs when they are misbehaving? 

For us Charlie (nutty boy) must think he is called "YOU LITTLE....". 

It never gets any further than that because before we can get to our chosen expletive he has generally done something ever so sweet to melt our hearts again. I'm beginning to think that he has a very well developed ability in trouble avoidance. 

So what happens in your households? What do you scream at your mutt and whats the longest anyone has ever managed to stay mad at a setter?


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Maggie, who is sadly not with us anymore, had a plethora of names when one Christmas Eve,one late Christmas Eve, she opened the fridge and ate everything that was in there.It was completely cleared.I couldn't be cross for long and then became worried how she would be after eating so much! She was a bit 'off' on Christmas Day but back to her normal self by the evening time.
I have a dear friend who has a Golden Retriever who has a terrible habit of stealing everyone's toys or tennis balls at the park.
He is horrible about it and she has worked with trainers for three years and Kief just won't stop doing it. He is known far and wide as Kief the thief.
After Rio had been 'playing' in the field today he arrived at the back door covered in mud from head to tail, he had been digging and making muddy puddles and now goes by the name 'Robinson' - as in 'Little Pig Robinson!' ;D
It was nothing a shower hasn't fixed, but I think Robinson may stick!.

Jinty was AKA - The Jint, Jintski, Madam Methane and Beetroot!.
Friends and I use to have great fun coming up with human persona's for our dog's we decided if Jinty had been human she would have been a 'Lady', spinster and from an 'old' family - sort of faded grandeur and no money!.
Oh! sometimes Rio is called 'Numpty' cos he is! ;D
Cosmo is "Cozzy" when he's being sweet, "Doofus" when he's being a bit thick, and "El Nuisance" is probably self-explanatory!!!
Reuben is very often 'Doobs', 'Doobins' as think this started with my son saying 'Scooby doo'. Em he is sometimes 'Redstuff', 'Doughnut' and monster. When I have been cross he is' 'Sod features' and when I am in process of forgiveness he is 'you little Monkey'. Have to say though that he is mostly Doobs, poor chap!
The Pseudonyms of Bella (the) Ball:

Belly Ball - this came about when she had that gorgeous fat puppy tummy, less used now she has slimmed down and grown up

Bella Boo - regularly used term of endearment

Boo - the shortened version of the above, again usually uttered in a loving tone

Bootle - an extension of the above, normally combined with a bit of a sigh e.g. "Oh Bootle, where did you get that from? That's Mr B's best scarf..... let's put it back before he notices"

Nugget - Don't really know where this one has come from to be honest.

Conk or Conker - this comes from my 3 year old niece, Bella stole a Disney Princess Shoe and Alice said "give it back you Silly Conk" and it seems to have stuck, recently been extended to Conker in recognition of her gorgeous colour

Monkey Dog - Bella really likes to grip you with her front legs. It can be when you are trying to get away and she grips your leg; or when she doesn't want to go near the scary road so she jumps up and grips your arm to stop forward progress; or the best is when she wants some affection and comes and sits next to you balancing on her bottom and grips your arm with her front legs and pulls your arm towards her so you can stroke her.

Buggerluggs - usually spoken when Bella is slow to respond to an instruction e.g. " Bella, In the Lounge" .... pause whilst Bella just looks at you from her position in the Kitchen followed by.... "Come on Buggerluggs, let's go in the lounge to watch TV, here's a biscuit to bribe you"

GobbyChops - this name is usually triggered by Bella giving us a round of Roo Roo Woos e.g. "All right GobbyChops that'll do, I've heard you now so what do you want?"

Trouble - this is one of Mr B's commonly used names, normally on his return from work e.g. "Hello Trouble, what have you been up to today? is that my best scarf on the floor?"

Stinker - probably quite self-explanatory e.g. "Wow Stinker was that you? Do you need to go outside to the toilet?"

Hells Bells and Ginger Ninja - these are used interchangably when Bella is having one of her mad 5/10/15 minutes e.g. "Watch your cup of tea Mr B, the Ginger Ninja is in the house"

Oi - Usually heard being hollered across Parks, Fields and Woods when Bella is legging it too far away from me; or when I have spotted a theft in progress; or an illicit chew of the bottom of my Wellies; or when she tries to sneak up onto the sofas; or when she is cruising the house for mischief; or counter surfing; or helping me sort the paper recycling by spreading it all over the Study floor and shredding it; or when she decides to chance a quick bit of mouthing for attention; to be honest I reckon she might think "Oi" is her name some days.

Staying Mad
I never manage to stay angry with her for long over a particular incident as she is really quite contrite when she has had a proper telling off (i.e. been excluded from the room for a minute or two), but there are some days when the devil is in her and she just seems to go from one misdemeanor to another, my tolerance gets less and less as the day wears on and my swearing gets worse and louder. Those are the days when Mr B comes home and I explain in no uncertain terms that should we ever get divorced then he will get the dog. Setters are beautiful, they know it, and they work it.
Just had to add one more comment and fondest memory to this...when my sons were still in high school they took turns taking Nora (gone but not forgotten) for her evening 2 mile walk. She always knew whose turn it was and she would take her leash to the proper son and sit patiently and then not so patiently. She would try barking a couple times to get their attention, give up and bring the leash to me. I would then yell at the son in question. Nora would wait patiently next to me until she heard him mutter under his breath “D*!* Dog!” then she would take off back to him at a run as I yelled “watch your language!” The next night the night we would repeat the same scenario with the other son. To this day my sons think Nora believed her name was “D*!* Dog!” but we all know the truth…she had us all very well trained. So much for setters reputation for being dumb and daffy!
Oberon is "Obi" (pronunced Obee, usually with a sweet ee) but also " 'cille " when he's a bit thick (which stands for the italian "imbecille" ;)

when he's very sweet is "noce", "nocetto" or "nocciolino" (hazelnut, little hazelnut).. That comes from when he was a little puppy and his eyes were round and big and sweet as two big hazelnuts :)
Jade (11) is Jadepip or Yippit (due to incessant yipping when demanding attention)
Bronze (10) is Buzz or Lounge Lizard (always drapped over the leather chair)
Willow (6) is Wibbit or Wombat
Ash (5) is Likkle Meister (never stops trying to give kisses!) or just Oi get off!
Hazel (3) is Haze or 'You're as bad as your father' (see Ash)
Rowan (8 months) is RoRo or 'where's he gone with that!!!'
Holly (8 months) is Wibbit's child or 'not again!'
When I was baby sitting.............
Jade ....was ........Jadey Pops,
Bronze...was ........Mr Bronze........cos he s a lovely old chap
Ash.........was..........Ashy Pashy.....cos hes always kissing us
Hazel.......was.........crazy Hazy
Holly........was..........Holly Berry
Rowan.....was..........OOOOOOH Rowan

Give them all a BIG HUG from ..........XXX Aunty Sue
Gracie does this too! The sulky, pitiful look cracks me up every time and she knows it. In the past she would actually throw temper tantrums with front paws stomping the ground, head down, brow wrinkled and low gutteral barks when she didn't get what she wanted. She is a teenager now however, so no more temper tantrums. Instead she gives a big sigh and ever so dramatically flops to the ground and looks away when she doesn't get what she wants. Poor girl, her humans just don't understand her at all.




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