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I have a new puppy coming home in four weeks and have always fed Purina Pro Plan, but the Salmon and Rice with no corn or wheat in it. I was considering using Wellness large breed puppy or Innova large breed puppy. My husband wants to stick with Pro Plan Selects Turkey and Barley for puppies. I am undecided and wondered what the others use. I should add the puppy is coming to us on Eukanuba, and I have never fed Iams/Eukanuba products and not sure I like how many glutens and grains are in their products.Thanks.

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My gorgeous Ruairi is now 15 months old and still on the Prescription Royal Canin large breed development until age 18 months.  (Vet recommended obviously) At that time we will be slowly switching him to an adult food.  I have read many different suggestions on this thread, including the Royal Canin. which was my original choice but have had to add a little oil to Ruairi's kibble due to his coat being dry so was not sure if this is the case with the adult food.  His breeder fed a mix of Kirkland Chicken and Purina Pro-plan Sensitive Skin and Coat Salmon while another breeder with whom I spoke used Eukanuba.  So, to put it mildly, I am confused at this time.    

My latest dog was on Royal Canin until 6 months ago and I had nothing but problems...I was feeding 3 times the recommended daily allowance.  He didn't thrive, his skin and coat were dry, he was always moutling and he suffered with constant ear problems.  Since switching to a raw diet, he hasn't looked back.  From personal experience, I wouldn't recommend Royal Canin.

I have read the latest replies with interest, my pup will soon be 10 months so soon I shall be looking to adult food. I am quite keen on going raw BUT I have tried chicken wings and she only plays with it until one of the others take it away ( she had it for about 10 minutes ), anyway I have a few more months yet.

Sofie who will be 6 next month loves raw, she is the fussy eater out of my three, I want to put her on raw but I have no idea how much she should have, or if I should then give her supplements as she does not like veggy`s. I donn`t want her to put on weight as she is just right. She is a 10 mile a day dog.

We have a raw feeding group on ES. You should join and ask your question there, Angela. :-)

Thanks Catherine

Try taking the skin off the wings - some dogs don't like the texture and don't understand there is meat underneath. 

Firstly, what is your breeder feeding?  You probably already know that you should continue feeding this for the first couple of weeks as a change in diet is a step too far with a change in home as well.  If it's a good food why not continue with this?

If you want to change make sure you do it gradually otherwise your pup will get an upset tummy.

I had a pup who didn't want to eat anything - quickly stopped eating the breeder's food, and then we went through a huge variety of dry foods, including Orijen but she just wouldn't have any of it.  She was a very skinny little girl!  At six months I put her on raw and have never looked back.  She's still fussy (will only eat tripe with fried kidney mixed into it!), but she's now a decent weight and very healthy. 

Hopefully you'll have one that's easier to feed than Bess!  The more I feed a raw diet though the more happy I am that she's getting a variety of food and not the same boring thing every day. 

We feed ours on Challenge which is salmon and potato kibble switching it with chicken and garlic. We have tried Royal Canin but they got fed up with it. we tried other things but they tired of it .they never tired of Bakers complete which is said to be one of the worst.

Most children would never tire of a diet of MacDonalds complete! :0). Doesn't mean it's good for them.
I bet she was a young vet.....they do everything by the book and wear 'Hill Diet' T shirts while at uni! :-)
Most of the dietary information vets receive at Uni is provided by, and paid for by, dog food manufacturers. I suspect she also recommended you a food that was available for purchase in your reception!

I was pleasantly surprised when Bess had her annual vac that the (young) vet did not give me a lecture, but said any type of food needs to be balanced, and that as I seemed to understand how to balance a raw diet, and because Bess looked great she had no concerns. And I was ready to go in all guns blazing.

Mind you, they're not all good - at the puppy party they said large breeds should be fed from raised bowls.

As intelligent dog owners I think we need to be ready to challenge our vets. It's all too easy to put faith in them, but it never hurts to challenge them as many don't keep up with new knowledge. Sometimes we forget that we can read too.

I would have changed vets too, Finn.





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