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I have a new puppy coming home in four weeks and have always fed Purina Pro Plan, but the Salmon and Rice with no corn or wheat in it. I was considering using Wellness large breed puppy or Innova large breed puppy. My husband wants to stick with Pro Plan Selects Turkey and Barley for puppies. I am undecided and wondered what the others use. I should add the puppy is coming to us on Eukanuba, and I have never fed Iams/Eukanuba products and not sure I like how many glutens and grains are in their products.Thanks.

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Hahaha. Obviously she has had her head buried in quick sand with regards to ready-made meals.  LOL LOL LOL  Or maybe she is partial to a bit of horse meat here and there. If you shop in Tesco's you are bound to bump into her in the horse meat section.  What a complete and utter dick head !

I agree with you, Trish.

Well done Finn I think you were winning from the first hurdle. Trish you talk so much sense, I have recently found out that Abbie was put on 4 - 5 times the dose of medication that the AHT would recommend, two days before she had a major stroke, shame I did not read more at that time and trusted in my X vets.




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