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There are many members here that make very good photos. I think it would be useful if we share our experience and knowledge about photography. For start I am interesting in equipment that you use by making your photos.

My equipment:
camera: DSLR Nikon D5000
lenses: Nikkor AF-S DX 18-105mm
program: Photoshop

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I mostly use my Nikon D80 with lenses Tamron AF SP 17-50/2,8 XR Di II and Sigma EX 50-150/2,8 II HSM DC. I'm very pleased with both lenses. Both heavy ones :) I think both Tamron and Sigma has very good lenses to a smaller cost then Nikon (and Canon). As I prefer lenses with 2,8 I couldn't afford those of Nikon.
My latest additon to the equipment was a flashlight SB-600.
I also have a compactcamera, Canon PowerShot G10 (5x zoom, about 28-140mm). Small and handy, can always bring that one in my bag or in my pocket on dogwalks.
I use Photoshop Elements for editing photos.
This spring I'm about to buy a Nikon D300s and maybe a lens like 18-200 /3,5-5,6 for sunny days- not as heavy to bring, sometimes my lenses (specially the 50-150) seems too heavy for me :) And maybe someday I can afford a 300 of some kind...
You need a medium to high quality senor in you camera. Lots of card capacitiy to shoot raw and zoom lens the you belive will cover your need.
My system
Cornelia thanks for sharing. In my view you are a real professional. Very good to have such members in our corner. Looking forward for your next projects.

Are you still using the x pan.
This is my equipment: EOS 500 analogue, Voigtländer 100-400 mm, Canon 19-35 mm, Canon 35-80 mm

I took the pics with the 400 lense about 150 m away (sport automatic mode :-)) No post production!!!
Intend to by the EOS 450d for wysiwyg :-)
Does anybody know if I can use my old lenses with the digital EOS?

You can check out
if the old ones are M42 then you can
.... forgot the small/beginner's Canon Power Shot A 480.

... use PaintShopPro to edit the pics. Got a new programme (Photodex) to create slide shows but have not tried yet.
sehr schoene Bilder!
Ich habe zwei analoge sowie einen digitalen SLR Photoapparate von Canon, Sie sind (analog) EOS600 und EOS300, und der EOS400D (digital). Die Objective (EF USM) fuer den digitalen Photoapparat functionieren auch auf die anologen Photoapparate, aber ich weiss es nicht, ob es auch umgekehrt ginge ...
Ich habe auch eine Lumix DMC-FX50 compact, den ich immer dabei habe.

Very nice pictures!
I have 2 analogue and one digital SLR Canon cameras. They are the EOS300 and EOS600 (analogue) and the EOS400D (digital). The EF USM lenses for the digital camera work on the analogue cameras, but I don't know if it's the same the other way round.
I also have a Lumix DMC-FX50 compact that I always carry with me.
I prefer No1. I do not like flesh. It makes such bad colours. I would rather change camera position. It is interesting what lens shade does. Does sun rays on No1 are perfect!
Sorry, I'll be the 'one off' and say I prefer no. 3 - after all, Jarno, I assume you wanted a special effect with the light behind the dog, the sun lighting up the edges of the dog's silhouette. It is not as spctacular as you would usually do, but far better than the rather boring (sorry!) photograph no. 4 with flash.
Shades by Nikon lens are included. So I always use it. Even if there is no sun. They use as a protection for lens. Photo on the left has some special feeling but has two circles (flares) and this is not ok. Photo on the right is perfect but with bad colours. I would chenge the perspective. You must be between the sun and the object. Then are colours beautiful.
This is more like we are used to! Nemo in the swamps... but I would prefer to see a little less disturbance around the dog's head on the left. On the right I again like the silhouette being lit up, maybe it should be a little stronger to give more effect?




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