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What's it like being owned by a Setter or Two?.

I have always been convinced that actually we do not own our Setters they own us, we are at their 'beck and call' from the time 'they decide to get up in the morning to the time they decide to go to bed'  not to mention the time they decide to eat to the time they decide it's 'walkies' time, or play time or time for trouble.To your bed means yes if you give me a biscuit, time for play yes if you can find my ball,time for dinner yes but it's a bit late tonight think I'll just help myself, my ears irritating can you rub it, I'm wet can you dry me off, can't you see I'm off colour today I just need to be cuddled and so on and so on!! Phew it's hard work all this being owned!!

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It's hard work, but pays off!

I love being owned and trained by my girls. Since I accepted that fact, it has been easier to convince them to listen to me, I just have to make it look like it was their idea! =)

It's also fun to watch them think of new ways to train me to get them whatever it is they want. And even better is when I get to see them train someone else - someone that is completely unaware they are being trained by a Setter!

I think that its so true,they own and train us! But I wouldn't change it for the world!


How true Lois.... :-)


I often think that as well! At "home home" probably another two would fit. At "uni home" my bed is smaller Another one would make things a bit (more) unconfortable!

But I love having the red breathing blankets keeping me warm and kissing me in the morning! Totally worth every breathless second!

Love this story Tracy and Hamilton could never leave Andrew's feet alone he wasn't interested in mine. However Andrew was recently diagnosed with a fungal infection under his toenails and has been trated for same with creams bacterial washes etc etc The rest of the story is Hamilton won't go anywhere near his feet, so did Hamilton cause it or simply diagnose it?
Think you could be right although they do say the 'spit' contains bacteria good or bad? They are also using dogs to detect certain illnesses which must meant they are more intuitive than us mere 'humans'

Tracy they also can alert people to changes in blood sugar.....some I think is really knowing their person but also those wonderful noses that smell things we can not even imagine.

I love to read about these wonderful setters. All of mine  (spaning almost fifty years) have been the same.... My owners....Henry is no exception, in fact he is brilliant!!!!   They are so clever and fabulous and gorgeous and loving, oh I could go on and on and on.... How we love them.... What riches they bring to our lives.

You make it sound like slavery whoehahahahahha..

I'm sorry to tell you but here it is difrend ..

I'm trained to let them out for walks ,4 time's a day ...8.30 ,13.00,18.00 and 22.30 hour

At 17.00 hour they wish that dinner is ready ...

3 time's a week they aspect that I brush them in the garden ..nice and soft ...

The rest of the day I'm free to spend with my wife kids or friends...

you are getting off easy there Fran!!  Molly here demands an audience for her garden romps........and that means sitting on the patio no matter the weather in her book.  Now mind you I do not sit out in rain or snow or cold weather but she has convinced the man who adores her that coffee on the patio in freezing wet weather is the way to go! :)  I just shut the door behind them and enjoy my coffee watching from the breakfast room all snug and warm.

First, you must understand that the Sun is Red. Once you accept that, you can just give up the rest of your life and know that your life wouldn't be as complete without them anyway.




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