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In the last week, there have been 8-10 members that have been complaining about each other.  I have removed a couple people from the site, but most of the comments presented seem pretty benign to me.

When I created this site, I had no idea what it would become.  I quickly learned how little I knew about Irish Setters even though I had owned them for 15 years.  I am not a breeder, don't do shows, don't do agility, don't do hunting or field, usually get rescues (exception being my current ones).  I think all of the above are great, I just don't know anything about them nor do I really care to.  It's obvious these are topics that people on this site are passionate about, and that's great, there just not for me.

As I have mentioned before, I left this site because people were rude to me.  There's at least 1 of the 8-10 members that were one of the ones who ran me off so I can understand the complaints against this peson.

It seems like some of these discussion topics are like politics, you aren't going to change people's minds, so why try to?

Have been pondering some options:

A. Ban the other 8-10 members

B. Leave the site as is

C. Remove the discussion forum altogether

D. Transition ownership and moderation to someone else (note annual costs on the site are around $300 USD and those would transfer as well)

E. Ban any discussions on breeding, health issues, or other controversial topics

F. Shut down the site altogether (really don't want to do this)

What are some other ideas?

I want to get feedback on other ideas and then you are going to vote as a community.  Please reply with any suggestions, then will create another thread to vote later this week.



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Gene.... I think you should just let members get on with and not ban anybody. Lets face it, the banning of members has not changed anything for the better...the nasty comments still go on relentlessly

If members knew they could not complain behind others backs then I think they would have to be more careful because news spreads like wildfire on the net and they could be classed as horrible bullies on other sites if the word spread.

Torie I meant it makes sense to ban 8-10 troublemakers from 2361 members - its not a lot!

Thanks for clearing that up eva c

Oh no! No games with me- I live in Switzerland and I am Eva R!!!!!!!!!

Oh...so sorry eva....complete accident on my behalf

I don't contribute much on here, but do enjoy reading the discussions and looking at members photographs.

Unfortunately, it seems that people who wouldn't dream of having a slanging match in public think nothing of doing so on the site. 

I can understand why some of the discussions get heated but, at the end of the day, we are all in the same position, we love our dogs, we love the dogs of our friends and we love nothing better than to talk about them and compare notes.

If we can be civil in public, why on earth are are we speaking to each other like this on a forum?  I do sometimes think that the language barrier can result in comments being misconstrued.  Don't get me wrong, I'm very envious of those who can speak multiple languages and make themselves understood, if only I had an inkling of their talent, but sometimes I read things and have to re-read them to see if I have really read what I thought I read!  Obviously, this works both ways and it behoves all of us to, before we fly off the handle, to ask the question, did you really mean to say that about me?  BTW, I'm not suggesting that it is overseas people that are being rude, obviously our language is foreign to them so the same barrier applies.

I can see that some of the threads and posters have gone beyond that, they are naming names and typing insults, maybe the clash of personalities/interests go deeper than we can possibly understand from what has been written.

As I said, I don't contribute much at all, but it does sadden me to see really lovely, kind people being banned.  Those that have given so much to the breed and never have a bad word to say about anyone, (well not that I have seen or heard anyway).

Of course we will disagree with each others ways of thinking, that is why we have our opinions, and why this is a forum - to discuss them in an adult fashion

So many members were so kind to me when I joined and have helped me no end with their knowledge and suggestions.  I truly hope that you can find a way to make the site return to a nice, friendly atmosphere Gene, a site where you can feel free to share what is on your mind without fear of being bullied.


Very well written Sheree

Hi Gene!

I think it would be a shame to close the site after 5+ years of interesting topics, photos, stories etc.! I have enjoyed it a lot, but I do shy away from discussions when they get too personal!  

Thanks for this site Gene, regardless of what decision you make;o)

Iv'e just taken a look at the website Finn.....what a good idea ! :))


First of all, I would love to deeply thank Gene for all efforts, time and even money he put in this website, to allow us to enjoy several nice discussions, friendships, and sharing of expertises and experiences.. Sadly, I was expecting a post like this from Gene and I completely understand the feeling and dilemma. Personally, I would be very sad to lose this website, but at the same time I am not prepared to help/act as a moderator, so I think is really a Gene's decision because is such a huge committment, really... 

assuming the place will stay, i also woudnt advocate to get rid of discussions about health because this forum is of  such unbelievably help when we have problems or dilemmas.. lot of people are incredibly helpful and this is certainly a first point of reference for me and for many.. my two cents..

as others, i was also thinking about the code of practice. It has been put together carefully and with efforts, maybe it must simply be reinforced or changed to allow to deal with lengthy and personal discussions that may rise from time to time?

that beeing said, I am not sure what's the burden that Gene may encounter in enforcing the code.. certainly a moderator cannot read all thousands of posts in real time and judge them.. maybe tools as the intensedebate one can help, or are there any other that can make a moderator job more automatic and troublesome?

The summary is that i really dont know how to help, but it would be a great and sad loss for so many of us to loose this forum .. i hope there is some kind of solution..

thanks a lot again, Gene.. and good luck to ES!!

Thank you for the site Gene. It is a wonderful place to enjoy photos, blogs and forums. The forums are important and seemed to be going well until recently. The members who believe that the site should close because they are unhappy with it,should remove them selves.  This would leave members who still see the unique value of the site to continue and hopefully things would settle down. 

Equally, I do not fully understand the reaction of members who say ' I don't want anything more to do with ES, therefore lets close it down' . When people don't like a Club of any sort anymore, don't they leave the Club? Surely, they don't ask for it to be closed?




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