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Reuben is 9 months old and still crated when I go out and at night. However I hope to go to college 3 days a week in sept and would feel easier if I didn't have to crate him when out. My being over ambitious for a then 15 month old to be trusted? I keep hearing that adolescence starts later in Irish setters and will he then start chewing again?
He is not a chewer at the moment and generally well behaved at home but I know boredom could lead him into mischief possibly. I have left him for up to 20 mins uncrated and on my return he has been led in his crate quietly( door open).
Also how long do you all leave your setters alone for ie, when you go to work etc?

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My last dog Dublin was out of a crate by 10 months. He just slept while I was gone. Most days I would tuck him in our bed and when I got home four hours later daily he was still there under the covers. I always have lazy dogs who enjoy sleeping. I think it is because they know they get a couple hours a day in the park so they relax till then.
Don't....it is good for him and you, he has a place that he can call his own and you have somewhere that you can put him when you need to. Mine, well all except Jas, who is nearly 9 and very well behaved) still use the crate, every day, you know that they aren't going to harm themselves by doing something wrong when you are out, and when you have visitors that aren't that keen on dogs, I know that they are few and far between with most of us that have multiple dogs, but there are always one or two in our lives...
Yes sue, I have got Reuben use to keeping a low profile at home ( even whe home) and left him each day. He seems to accept this and is quite calm ESP for a puppy. I will def walk & run him very early morn prior to college as it will be difficult giving him another one (ESP in winter) after college as my youngest son won't want to come out at tea timish.
Also the last two days I have gone out for two hours and popped him in his crate as usual with a kong but left door open. The worst I have come back to is a tea towel on the floor. And too be honest it's the ones I use to wipe his paws so he prob thinks their his anyway!
Dee , I certainly will not be taking his crate away as i feel it is his den and security. And yes I agree it is also useful for when my boys little friends come round or Reuben needs to settle etc.
orla and neeve havnt been in their crate for about a month now - they are nearly 18th month- and they havnt been a bit of bother. i must say though that they are taken for a good early morning walk and have their breakfast when they come back and they seem to settle. when i put my coat on for work they used to trot off to their cage quite happily but i thought it was now time to give them more space and they are fine.




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