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There may have been a previous discussion of this but where do the dogs sleep @ your house?

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ha ha

oberon has two BIG beds: one in the kitchen (for daily activities) and one big old futon mattress which sits in the middle of the corridor, from where he can control all other rooms.. Still, the routine is that he usually fell asleep near our bed, and eventually after 15' he moves in his futon in the corridor (the bedroom door always open, so he can stay there where is more  confortable but still he sees us;) and , more important, he can come and put his paws on our face in the morning to receive his large dose of cuddles  as soon as the alarm turns on;).. i think in the morning he believes that, as long as there is at least one paw or the tail touching the floor that does count as he's not ON the bed. so we wake up with half dog in our face , kissing, but his rear paws is in the floor, so we cant blame him;) (he's not allowed, in principle, to jump on the bed!)

Haha Love it Silvia, thanks for sharing! Currently, the Yorkie starts out in our bed with me until she gets too warm, she burrows beneath comforter, then retreats to her crate. The beagle has a bed next to my side of the bed.( And she snores!) Wondering how to fit in my new baby IS! : )

My four dogs have their own bedroom and have a selection of beds in there to choose from.  I never close the door, instead,  I have a dog gate fitted.  My dogs love their room and can often be found in there relaxing in the winter sunshine streaming through the window. They are usually in the sitting room with me in the evening until it's time for them to go to bed at 10pm. All I have to say is "bicky for bedtime" and they are off into their room like bats out of hell.  I give them a biscuit each and say " night, night angels" and that's them settled until morning.

Finlay has his bed downstairs in the day it gets moved around depending where in the house he is, but at night it is a race upstais to see who can claim the best spot in my bed, but i'm sure Finlay thinks it's his bed that he just has to share with me every night, he also has a quilt at side of my bed for when he's to hot and wants to cool off, i'm begining to wonder who's in charge in my house?

My bet's on Finlay (",)

Riley and Cassie both have their own beds in our room...Cassie always stays in her own bed all night as she gets too hot....9 times out of 10 we wake up with Riley cuddled up to us....we dont have a problem with that in fact we love it....

Where ever they like, and you can tell them they cannt cause I`m not that brave !!!!!!

When we only had Abbie she had her own bed room, but she fell off the bed twice when she had fits, so now there are 5 beds around the house the highest being only 35cm from the ground, Elsa is still in her crate at night ( but we do get visitors in our bed as well )

All the furkids sleep inside, Flame in a spare room on a human bed I must admit! Ruby and Poppy seem to enjoy sleeping on their serendipity dog beds they have in the hallway or kitchen. When it's winter there in lounge room on the sofa (what's left of it from Poppys chewing lol) or Poppy curls up with Flame. :)

Dianne, since both of our kids have moved out, we certainly have room for them to have their own bedroom .....that will give the kids a shock when they come to visit, wont it! Hee hee

Romeo sleeps either side of our bed....and sometimes on it!

My dogs and my horses are my special children. My dogs can sleep/go anywhere they like inside the house and my horses are allowed to go anywhere on our acreage property. My horses choose to spend a lot of time in the house area. I have rescued English Setters as well as purchasing puppies and I have found that English Setters thrive when they are allowed to be “house dogs”; and being allowed to sleep on the bed makes the transition for a mature aged English Setter much easier. I allow them to choose. I do not own many material possessions. I have one DDD bed, a SSS bed in the 2nd bedroom and one modular couch. The dogs also have 4 dog beds, 3 are X-Large size and 1 is Large, as well as 2 Lilos. I double SSS bed dooners which fit perfectly on the X-Large dog beds. There is not a lot of room on a DDD bed with 3 English Setters and myself. Rose used to get fed up with the boys so she chose to sleep on one of the X-Large dog beds on my side of the bed. We all sleep in the bedroom together, we sit on the couch together and I take my dogs everywhere I possibly can with me. I have placed an X-Large dog bed mattress and 2 dooners in the back of my car so that my English Setters are comfortable. Hobson chooses to sit in the front with me.

My special children are most important to me. I love them unconditionally as they love me. I always put their needs ahead of my own. They are always fed before me. Even though I do not believe in the "alpha" theory for dogs and horses, my horses, for instance, willingly follow my verbal communication "at liberty" without tools e.g. a halter and lead rope, and my Arabian horses move with a finger-tip touch.

Sounds like doggie heaven, Finding _Beau! My husband glances over in the evening and just shakes his head because I always have two dogs and two cats sitting beside, below, or above me! Lol I'm just trying to brainstorm bedtime with the coming of our puppy to prevent any jealousy with my older dogs....(and husband!) Haha

Animals "beside, below, and above" referred to my chair in the family room in the evenings, not bed lol




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