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Soo...Christmas is almost here!
We give each of our dogs a present every xmas, and they seem to love to unrap it along with us!
This year, Pintanga is getting a Freesbie, Romã is getting an educative bone shapped toy and my old girl Ginja is getting dental bones (she's on a diet, so she'll love them, heh).
Does any of you also have this tradition? If so, what are your dogs getting this year ? :)

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Actually, our two dogs already have their presents, two huge doggy beds, nice soft and fluffy - they couldn't possibly unwrap them :)).
Otherwise, cuddles (they get lots of anyway), and real chicken breast with good veggies. We put some goodies in two red socks for them. We did the same for their birthday. They seem to have fun with it.

Merry Xmas!
A new toy..squeaky or fluffy and a dental bone......mine also enjoy unwrapping pressies
how funny. this christmas i noticed when i opened my own gifts that kelsey, my setter, would chew on the ends of the packages like he was trying to help open them. how funny - i thought this was something peculiar to him!
Definatly NO christmaspresents for my dogs!
The first setter I had, got to unwrap his own presents, and loved every second of it.

But unfortunatly he became too entusiastic and ended up one year getting under the christmastree unwrapping most of the presents before he was cought in the act.
Amongst the presents unwrapped was a jumper I realy wanted...now with a hole right in the front.
So that was the last dog I tought to unwrap presents...:-)
Thank you Susan!
Yes my internet-farming takes most of my time...:-)
My Irish always get Christmas presents and there are more pressies under the tree for them than for us! Usually the big dehydrated bones or similar from the pet store. I used to wrap each dog's present separately and let them pull out what they wanted until one pulled put a bigger bone than the other and there were big sulks. Now I wrap each type of pressie together and open a parcel at a time on Christmas Day and the following days until all the pressies are gone. Lionel's dog Elrond also gets a special gift of a pack of his favourite Christmas squeaky toys - the others don't mind!
Oh, I must have missed this discussion. A bit late coming in here, but yes, my two girls love Christmas presents & learnt from their very lst Xmas to open their own presents. Megg, my English Setter, will always get her gift open first, then immediately goes over to Tess (Irish) to see how she is going & if she needs any help (lol). We have learnt over the years, that they only like fluffy soft toys, so for each birthday & Xmas, the girls get a new fluffy soft toy.
We always have a Xmas tree with lots of presents underneath, & while the girls will have a bit of a sniff, they have never attempted to open any of them (very good setters!!!!!).
I must admit, the highlight of my Xmas day is watching my girls biting & tearing the ribbon, paper etc. off their gifts & then running around & showing us all what Santa bought them.

Lynn & girls.




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