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I've had a couple of suggestions in recent threads to start a discussion about rescued setters. I see we have an Irish Setter Rescue Dogs Group on here that I hadn't noticed before so I guess they'll have some tales to tell.

I haven't done anything as dramatic as the rescue of an abused dog, but we have taken friends' setters permanently into our home when their circumstances have changed and have loved them dearly, but it's a slightly less emotional, but no less caring relationship than the heart tie you get from hugging an eight week old puppy.

So I'm standing back and awaiting your stories, especially if you found your dog living in dangerous circumstances - what happened then?  Or did your rescue come to you via an organisation which rehomes dogs - did you have to pass inspections and have the right facilities before you were allowed a setter? Any members of the UK Irish Setter Rescue Group here? 

Are you longing to give a home to an unwanted dog but don't know how?

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My first Irish Setter Penny came to me via the dog warden - her story is on my profile page. She set the Scene for me to have this delightful breed. When in training for the RAF Penny would run with me - I knew I was doing a good time if she was cantering! Penny was 10 when she died and her ashes are scattered in the woods where she and I would run. I go back to that special place - 'probably our Rainbow Bridge'. Run free Pen Pen...

What a heart warming story Maggie, brought a lump to my throat.

So sweet Maggie your story of Penny :) Thats exactly how I have come to have two more Irish all because of flame coming into my life. He was found wandering the streets by the local ranger and taken to the RSPCA where he spent approximately nine weeks and many tests as he was so malnourished. I had a friend tell me about him who worked there and she knew I had longed for a setter. At the time I wasn't really in the position to have another dog and agonised knowing he was there. I thought I'll just go say hello to him, that's all......the rest is history, eight years later and it would have to have been the very, very best decision I have ever made. At the time I took him home he weighed 19ks and was around one year old and he is a very large Irish. He slept in front of the fire that night, not out in an enclosure and I still remember how I felt that night when I brought him home....I still feel the same happy he came into our lives :) and he's weight now..... 36kg :)) He's also graced the RSPCA calendars, I guess the only thing I struggle with is not knowing he's breeding, maybe one day.




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