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I know not everyone trims their English Setters, but I have noticed that different countries do seem to present their dogs with a different show trim to that of UK exhibitors/owners.

I have an ES calender here in the office and I can usually tell immediately whether the dog is UK based, by the trim.

I've attached a photo here of Henry, as you can see, we clipper the ears and trim around them, we clipper the front of the neck, down to the breast bone, and then we trim around the feet and hocks, and tidy up around their botties.  Some people will use thinning scissors on the ears and throat, others will use virtually no guard on clippers so that you can almost see the skin.  I prefer to use the clippers but lightly so that the trim looks almost natural...here's my baby boy :-)



I have noticed that some countries will leave the ears long and curly but seem to trim all the way down the back, a bit like the American Cocker Spaniel, and in some cases, the dog presented can look like a totally different breed to that being shown over here.

I just wondered, and this includes pets that aren't shown, whether you trim, what style you trim in, and whether you have a preference.

I personally like the way we trim over her, but think I would like to see the ears left like spaniels ears, they are so cute :-)

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I didn't ever show my Daisy but she had to be spayed when she was 8 due to a womb infection and her coat became very curly and thick so I used to have to shave all her hair off!  However, I always left her ears with wispy hair on the front as it softened the crew cut!!  Left her feathers on of course. This was her summer trim though, I don't think she would have been too happy about that in winter!!  Before Daisy was spayed I still trimmed her ears, neck and feet, even as a pet she looked a lot neater that way.

I know what you mean about the calendar and the American trim, you can spot them straight away.

Whilst in the Uk I did much the same as you Sheree but now in Australia the trim is much more as in the US. The ears are not clipped leaving them long and wavy but thinning is used to blend in from the skull to the top of the ear. The feathers are just tidied on the hocks not taken right back. Feet the same but more taken from the neck and chest plus whiskers off!! More coat seems to be taken from the back also but the US lines do have a very differant coat. My 16 week old pup who is half and half has feathers on him that I would not expect until about 12 months of age!! I am actually going over to a breeders tomorrow for guidence as the trimming is so differant from what I normally do.

Thanks for the replies ladies :-)

Shirley..I'm intrigued...are the ES in Australia much the same construction and type as here in the UK, and, if so, does the trimming make them look different to the eye? 

I just ask as I know in America they trim and show the dogs differently, they stack them with their tails in the air, and I always think the heads seem longer and sleeker, to me they seem a different dog and I'm not sure they would do well over here if shown, because they look a totally different type which I think would show through, even if trimmed to the UK style.

And another thing....piccies of the pup would be very welcome ;-)

I'll admit to trimming "US" style when I was showing my boys.  James never really got to the point of needing any serious trimming, but Spartan was a mix of old Australian lines, and new, Canadian lines.  As a result, he had quite a wavy topcoat, and very thick, straight feathering.  To be honest i don't think i could have done much different and have him look neat and tidy with his coat type.

Spartan is desexed now so he has awful fluff that grows so i keep him short all over.

James I keep in a neat and tidy show clip where i do his neck and feet and trim his feathering (he does have an american type coat so very easy to keep groomed in show clip)

If (and I do hope that this happens) I can get a UK type, I'll likely show in UK trim - using scissors to trim neck, etc... however i will be leaving hair on the ears as that is one thing that is definitely NOT done here, that i have noticed.

I don't have any stacked photos of Spartan at the moment... i'll try to find one to post.


And I agree with Sheree, lesley - we need photos!!




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