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I read carefuly Robert's topic concerning equipment in Camera Corner. It's likely to be the most popular among us is Canon. I have one too - analog.
I would like to buy digital one. There is a lot of different kind of cameras, and a lot of data.
Would anybody explain what is the most important in describing digital cameras. What to I should to pay attention before buying one.
Thanks in advance:)))

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Hi Anna I am a bit late entering this discussion, but I have only just joined the group.


You may already have bought your camera, but if not there are a few things you need to think about. 


You need to know how much you can afford.  These digital cameras sell for all sorts of prices.  You need to decide on how much you want to pay.  Then you need to get a camera with as many pixles as you can 6 milion or 10 million or more.  The next thing you need to decide on is to get the biggest optical zoom (not digital zoom) that you can get for the money you can afford.


Finally you need to decide if you want a compact camera (point and shoot) or an SLR camera (one where you change change the lenses and focus on the image yourself. 


Good luck with your new camera. 






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