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We use dremel. My husband would hold her and give her pieces of treats (liver or chicken breasts) and I would dremel all nails at once. We do it once in two weeks. Is it not often enough? How others doing? Is anyone using grooming table already? Are they to little for it? Or it’s better to start earlier?

I also cut hair in between her toes every time we take care of nails.


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they are never too little for a grooming table - but we also hold Kibby or lay him down to do his nails.
I don't do them often enough - some people do them once a week.
I typically do nails once a week but people call me "the nail freak" as it is my pet peeve to see long nails on dogs. I think once every two weeks is fine if her nails stay short.
I agree, plus if you wait too long between doing the nails, the quicks get long and then the only way to get them short is under anesthesia. So every 1-2 weeks is great!!!! Ilene
Would quick get shorter if we file nails rather often then seldom? It we file nails every week, would quick gets smaller let's say in 6 month? I thought I've heard something like this before?
I'll try to get her on a table and teach that is not the worse place to be on.




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