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We say that it's easier to educate the second setter than the first one...

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Quite right...you dont end up having the puppy using its sharp first teeth on your toes...it will go for its older setterfriends ears or feathering instead! A huge help!
Yes....you make all your mistakes with the first....
Yes I would also say it`s easier with he second, but you make mistakes with both of them.
Perhaps it becomes better with the third or fourth....:-))
I guess we always make mistakes, but hopefully not as many

oh, my first one (Odin) has always been an angel... she learned everything i wanted her to know (except for barking for food...), always looking at me, adoring me, i already thought i am a dog whisperer :-))) but then the second one (Danka) came and NOTHING of the previous methods worked... i really had a hard time with this little devil!! she was so much focused on Odin and i just could not get her attention! she ignored me :-) and then she came into season and since that day i have another dog. as if somebody stole her and left another one behind :-)))
i am very happy with them!!!
I would have said ''quite true'' but then there was Saffy.........She is quite mad, but non the less lovable, but still quite mad, and as for poor Jasmin well she has the patients of Jobe....I keep hoping that Saffy will be like Jas and be good most of the time, but I think I am living in cloud cuckoo land, cuckoo being the operative word, but still that is the Irish Setter for you, just a bit quirky and with that little bit of naughtiness about them, just a little less of the naughty please!!!!!!. Dee and the girls
Yes, perhaps it is easier to educate the second setter for some, but I can't really say that I found it so. My first girl, Irish Tess, was, and still is an angel. Very quiet, loving, devoted; just the perfect dog. Very easy to train and willing to learn. Megg, my English Setter, is 2 months younger than Tess. They were baby puppies together. Megg is an easy girl also, but is very stubborn, wants everything her own way, Both girls went to obedience school and Tess still goes every Sunday, but Megg decided a couple of years ago, that school wasn't for her, and would just refuse to do the exercises. She could do them perfectly, but chose not to.

So, I think they're all different and very much unique in their own special way.

Hi Lynn, I think that the English, is slightly more stubborn than the Irish, but as you say they are all individuals, and you can only treat them so, its like your kids although they are from the same ''genetic pool'' they are different, wouldn't life be mundane if we were all the same???? I think that is what draws us to these lovely dogs they are all so different and yet all so loveable and they ALL have that little bit of naughtiness in them. Long may they be so. Dee and the girls

I use to have three dogs (I lost my beloved Connor in March aged 14) I now have just the two setters, Legolas (8) and Theoden (6)but one thing I noticed about having the three lads, was that Legolas was toilet trained quite quickly as he copied Connor's habits and Theoden was even faster...he was sleeping on my bed with the others in less than two weeks and made it through the night without accidents & would just go out with 'the big boys' in the morning :) I guess they pretty much educated themselves as far as toilet training was concerned...I was very lucky.

It's nice if the older dog has some good habits and the pup copies them :)




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