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Why have you decided to get another one to the first existing dog?

Would love to hear your stories about the decision of getting a second dog!

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Because a lot of people say that it's better for the first dog (a company) and a lot of people say that we have a great garden for one dog! Personaly, I think "two setters , it's beautiful". Look at your pictures. Philippe is now "prépensionné"( he is at home everyday), he haves time for the dogs. Philippe loves Fonzie's Mother( Vicary's Yassmine) and hopes a puppy from Yassmine.
Sorry for my bad english... Do you understand me?
PS:And you what is your story?
For me its rather a cut-down from having four setters at the most. But then taking four setters for a walk on leads would just end up with me returning home with arms twice the lengths and in a foul mood. I find walking with three ok-ish but two is the best.
Of course they keep each other company and can help each other when it comes to digging in the garden :-)
Because I'm building my unholy red army one dog at a time...

We had the feeling, that Anu would have more fun with company, because she was alone at home during we worked.
First few days she wasn`t exalted from her new housemate, but I think now it`s ok for her and it`s better than staying alone.
For me it`s nice to have two of this lovely dogs and I have never regret the decision to take another one in our home.
Love Yvonne
I started with one many years ago, and decided to get another to keep her company while I was at work.....
and at the most have only had 3 at one time...I think its easier with 2 especially as they are inside dogs .....this time I have a boy and a girl....long time since I have had a male...but he is such a joy, makes me wonder why I did not get one earlier

my own story is a bit different. i was not thinking about Odin when the idea of getting another dog came up, as she has always been mummy's girl and loved people more than dogs. i thought of myself, call me egoist... i thought of having somebody by my side when it is time to go for Odin :-((( so i could get over the hard time easier... of course i was looking around a lot, for a long time. as Odin was a very successful show-dog, i wanted to have one who could follow in her footsteps so to say. and i am very happy that i found Danka. she is TOTALLY different, both in looks and temperament but it is so easy to love them both (after the puppyhood of Danka, see other topic).
now my problem is that Danka has never been alone, so i have to get a third one, just in case something happens to my oldie :-( uh, this is sad...
I should have read this before putting my comment on the main page, that will be my contribution to this chat Dee and the girls
I decided to get a second Setter when my Irish Tess, was only 4 months old. She would follow me everywhere; I was feeling guilty about leaving her to go to work (part time), or go shopping etc.. She was totally devoted to me and I couldn't bear leaving her alone. Talked to my husband, and we agreed to get her a friend. Since I had loved English Setters also, we started our search for an English puppy. Eventually we found a baby, about 5 hours from where we lived, and came home with Megg, the sweetest and gentle-est puppy in the whole world. Tess adored her and Megg settled in very well. The girls are 2 months apart in age, and are now both 6-1/2yrs. They are the best of friends (always have been), and are inseparable. I can go out, do my own thing, and feel happy that the girls are together and are happy. I could not think of life with only one Setter. Two is definately the way to go.

Agree with all these reasons. Company for the first dog when I am out or at work, more than 2 on leashes would pull me over (unless they are all older dogs), and I HATE the thought of being dogless even for a day.
Well, we were going to be sensible and keep to only one this time ..and it was very easy to take Abbi visiting or leave her with my neighbour at the odd time...but I think setters miss out on so much fun without another one to be silly with...and watching them play and run in the woods together gives so much joy, it's worth it....we always had three before...but two fit in the car more easily!!!! ( Although I wouldn't rule it out....puppys are addictive!!)
Thanks for this group and glad to hear all your views, as it is one of my current dilemma. I had one Irish Setter, MC, and he really was my soul mate. He wasn't a dog, MC always saw himself as a person and was definitively behaving as such.... so clever, so responsible, definitively more than my husband and myself put together. Our lives with MC was just wonderful. Then, MC turned 8 and my husband couldn't face the lost of him. MC's mother lived until past 17 years, but we were thinking between 12 and 14 would be more realistic. So, one day came another pup, David's idea as I was against it. For me we should enjoy MC as much as we can and when the tragic day arrive, no question of replacing MC, just giving another dog a chance. I remember vividly the eve of the day little Darwin came, I was crying on my bed, MC on my arms, for some reasons I saw having one more dog as a betrayal to MC.
When MC saw baby Darwin, he first thought it was only for a day or two, was absolutely not interested and avoid to look at him or be near him. Then I told MC it was for him, and believe me MC did understand the meaning of it. He looked at me, his look saying, did I ever ask for that? Not the first time I saw in the eyes of my dog that he thought we were stupid!!!
But MC being MC, so responsible, he made a point to bring up his new little brother, and really made a success of it. When I was telling Darwin off because of a mischief, MC came between us, looked at me and even growled at me. I couldn't and even wouldn't contemplate to give a small slap on Darwin bum.... it was MC's baby as I told him, not mine.
For some strange reasons, they never play together, MC played with us but never allowed Darwin to play with him. Darwin did not want to play with us. However, they were always together and definitively had a strong relationship. Darwin was looking at MC as his master, and as the ruler of the house, including us. But so he was.... There were a lot going on between them, Darwin knew too well he was protected by MC. Once during a walk, a vicious dog went after Darwin, and MC who wasn't the slightest aggressive dog, fought this vicious dog to protect his little brother. And then started the days where it was a two ways relationship. MC was loosing his hearing and Darwin became his hears. Having Darwin definitively helped MC in his old age problems. However, when walking free in the wood or beaches, MC will never be out of sight and never ever come back to me without Darwin, MC was always waiting for his little brother. Darwin did not give a damn if MC was around or not. Then, the tragic day came when we lost MC. After 5 years together, no sign of any emotions from Darwin, not looking for his brother, nothing. What he really felt is difficult to know but it hurt me somewhere, I know they all have their different characters, and after having bossy MC with so much sensibility and compassion, it was hard to see Darwin, although the sweetest thing on earth, to be so indifferent, or seems to be totally indifferent.
I then realised that I wasn't attached the same way to Darwin. Darwin was MC's dog, he also was a dog and knew it. Unlike MC, Darwin never saw himself as a person, and was only interested in other dogs, not people. I adore him and love him to bits, couldn't imagine my life without him but Darwin is not my soul mate like MC.
David, after understanding that having one or ten dogs, it will not make it easier to loose one of them, started to speak about having another Irish Setter, and I was absolutely against, but did not want to be selfish and deprived Darwin. So I phoned a vet who told me it was madness to even think of buying a dog for a dog, if another dog, it should be for us and not for Darwin. Six months later, I am still not convinced this vet was correct, although it supported my reluctance to have another dog while Darwin is alive. I will never stay without a dog, but I prefer to give everything I have to my only dog, a one to one relationship, not sharing with another dog. However, it seems that Darwin doesn't see it that way and wants to have not one but several dogs around him. So I am preparing myself to have another dog next year, but I am a bit confused and wonder if I am not having anthropomorphic spelt here, and imagining what my dogs think according to my human views.
I used to work from home, and from 9 to 1 and 2 to 5, my dogs were mainly sleeping. The fun together was before 9, between 1 and 2 and especially after 5. From 5 to midnight it was their time, and God they let me know about it.... So I am not convinced that having another dog will change this pattern. Darwin definitively needs to play with other dogs, something we provide daily, choosing special walks where he knows he will meet some playmates. Isn't it enough? Am I being selfish at refusing a brother or sister to Darwin? Please tell me what you think?
Hi there Chantal.
I have to say I thought the same way when I was having my second child (many many years ago) but they grew up OK, and you dog will be fine, by himself and with a brother or sister...I now have three of these wonderful dogs, although my old girl will not be with me for too much longer. (for me the longer the better), but they all fit in, Jas will definitely put the young boy in his place, she is the only one that does that... his mother lets him get away with murder.. I love having my settees covered in red dogs, I would have a houseful, but if you are not ready to have another dog then it would be difficult for you to bond with the new puppy, but I suspect that you will be fine with it, I am sure that Darwin will be, having 5 years between them is a good gap, he is mature enough to cope with a new ''friend''.
Personally I wouldn't be without two/three dogs, it is a good number, one is very difficult when it comes to loosing them, and unfortunately they don't last long enough, but you are the one that has to clean up after the new baby and you will probably be the one that feeds and exercises him/her. So you must be convinced that you want one, Please let us know if you do succumb to a new member of the family, I am sure that MC wouldn't mind,. as he seemed to protect Darwin, if it was him I bet he would say...''go for it''
All the best with your decision....and whatever you decide isn't going to be wrong....only you know what your reasons are...and you must go with your own heart...




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