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7 year old bitch is searching for a new home (at the moment located in Vienna)

I am searching for a new home for an 7 year old bitch (born 15.7.2003) without any problems. A breeder wanted to put her down because she was covered 3 times and did not get any puppies.

Since yesterday evening she is in my house (Vienna, Austria) together with my own 3 dogs, cats and 2 childs (3 years and 8 months) and she makes no troubles at all.

At the moment there is a friend of mine who is thinking about taking her, but he is not sure.

So I am still searching for a new… Continue

Added by Ulrike Reder-Marko on September 5, 2010 at 4:30am — 18 Comments

Harry vom Franzosenkeller 20.1.1997 - 4.5.2010

It is now one week ago that I had to say goodby to my best friend Harry.

He was on my side all the time since I was 19 years old and was that dog that you olny have once in a lifetime.

The first years we did a lot sport, we went to obedience 2 and agility 2 very fast and he always had fun to practice with me. later we did tracking and dummy training. he also loved to do this. in the last years he was a perfect partner for playing with my…


Added by Ulrike Reder-Marko on May 11, 2010 at 2:57am — 16 Comments

Harry 13 years today

The first setter who entered my life is Harry (Harry vom Frazosenkeller). He turns 13 years today.

His health is not the best any more, but we hope we will celebrate many more birthdays with him! He will always be a very special dog for… Continue

Added by Ulrike Reder-Marko on January 20, 2010 at 2:43am — 29 Comments

Worldwinner 2009: most of the main results

I hope the results are correct. some times it was not so easy to see all numbers.

A lot of the results of the bitches are missing, hofully somebody can fill in.


junior class (total 9 - 2 abs):

1.Fidelio von Würfrath - Junior World Winner

2.Dubliner Mac Could

? 3. Double Dream Loveset Pacific Foxtro

4.Rhabsodie Boheme Lord Voltmort

other excellent: Thendara Polar Express

Very good: Nikola Anri

intermediate class… Continue

Added by Ulrike Reder-Marko on October 11, 2009 at 9:30am — 20 Comments

CAC Nitra (SK) 28.3.2009

Judge: Jursa Jozef, SK

Dog - Junior class

Jazza Jay Slovak Base - Very Good ???

Dog - Champion class

Indian Boy Jay Slovak Base - Excellent 1, CAC, BOB

Bitch- Junior class

Karolin Jay Slovak Base - Excellent 1, Junior Winner

Kankan Jay Slovak Base - Excellent 2

Bitch - Intermediate class

Roma Meskov Dvor - Verg Good ???

Bitch- Open class

Garden Star´s Kathleen O'Irish -… Continue

Added by Ulrike Reder-Marko on March 28, 2009 at 2:53pm — 4 Comments

Garden Star´s litter - some puppies are sill available

Sire: CH Garden Star´s Double Scotch "Rubens", HD-A, CLAD and PRA FREE

Dam: HJCH Garden Star´s Lilla Pause "Lilly" HD-A, CLAD and PRA FREE

Puppies are born on December 18th: 6 males/ 7 femals

6 weeks old:



Added by Ulrike Reder-Marko on February 12, 2009 at 2:00am — No Comments

CACIB Trencin (SK) 24.1.2009

Judge: Vladimir Piskay, SK



Atlas Everdene - very promising

Junior class:

Lofty Desperado - Exc 1, Junior Winner

Artush the Red Hot Star -Exc 2

Working class:

Indian Boy Jay Slovak Base- Exc 1, CAC, CACIB

Irish Melody Lucky Luke - Exc 2, Res.CAC

Champion class:

Between Haven and Hell Zambi – Exc 1, CAC, Res.CACIB

Edy Spod Zobora - Exc 2, Res.CAC

Veteran class:

Dion… Continue

Added by Ulrike Reder-Marko on January 24, 2009 at 11:06am — 4 Comments

Middle East European Winner - August 2009 in Austria

Judges for the big 3 day show in Austia 2009:

21.8.2009: CACIB Show: Horst Kliebenstein, Germany
22.8.2009: Middle East European Winner: Mag. Heliane Maissen-Jarisch, Austria
23.8.2009: ÖKV Centinal Winner (The Austrian Kennelclub is 100 years old): Harri Lehkonen. Finnland

The show will be in Wels next to the motorway from salzburg to vienna.


Added by Ulrike Reder-Marko on November 17, 2008 at 2:12am — 1 Comment

Clubshow Budapest 4.10.2008

Judge: Lynn Muir, GB

Just the class winners. Hopefully somebody will post the full results and some photos.


Junior: Garden Star´s Olympic Gold

Intermediate: Vicary´s Firstroyal

Open: Jonola Dr. Doolittle

Working: Between Heaven and Hell Zambi

Champion: Sumaric Shadow of Mr. Jingles, Best Dog, BOB

Veteran: Vicary´s Yogibear


Junior: Summer Spell Red Nokomis

Intermediate: Night Witch Red Wonder (thanks to Laura… Continue

Added by Ulrike Reder-Marko on October 5, 2008 at 2:00am — 8 Comments

Glory Field´s puppies at the age of 8 weeks

Our puppies are 8 weeks old now. Time for the last fotoshooting with all of them, because the first are already leaving.
All puppies are spoken for.

Added by Ulrike Reder-Marko on July 18, 2008 at 2:00pm — 6 Comments

Glory Field´s Puppies are born (Muineacan Now or Never x Garden Star´s Kathleen O'Irish)

Our first litter was born on 20.5.08 - 4 males and 2 femals

Puppies and Kathy are doing very well.

New Photos at the age of 2 1/2 weeks:

Added by Ulrike Reder-Marko on May 22, 2008 at 10:30am — 8 Comments

First litter in Kennel "Glory Field´s" is planned for 2008

We are planning a litter with our "Garden Star´s Kathleen O'Irish" in 2008. She is Austrian and Slowakian Junior Champion, won CACIB and BOB and also passed the Junior Field Trial with highest points. Kathy is HD-A, ED-free, OCD-free and genetic tested free of CLAD and PRA-rcd1.

All further details will follow soon.

Added by Ulrike Reder-Marko on February 28, 2008 at 1:20am — 1 Comment

First snow in Austria

The first snow around the weekend house of my parents at Semmering:

Kathy was taking the snow inside:

Immo with his both girls Ina and Kathy.…


Added by Ulrike Reder-Marko on November 11, 2007 at 1:00pm — 2 Comments

Our daughter Ina is born

Ina was born on 25.9.07 at 21:26 with 3535g and 53cm!

We are now back at home and so there is only few time left for visiting Internet.

Lord, the Babysitter:…


Added by Ulrike Reder-Marko on October 6, 2007 at 4:50pm — 10 Comments



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