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Whew have I been busy! Yesterday my creature took me to be groomed. I don't like it one bit. I tried everything I could to get away. Some tree sap landed on top of my head so I'm missing hair there. My creature put peanut butter on the sap to emulsify it but it just "wore" my hair thin. I've been going to the lake almost every week. I love the walks in the forest, my creature tries to walk 2 miles every day. I stay with ahead of her and dart back and forth, sometimes I get so hot I jump in the river along the way but I hurry up and drink some water as I don't want my creature to leave me.

I pick green and red objects off plants in my back yard. I eat the little ones, I guess they're called tomatoes. Sometimes I bring them in the house and hide them underneath couches or other furniture. They don't really taste very good! The really small ones are sweet.

Hummingbirds come into my yard. I hold still when they start humming and I just watch them. Almost every day red robins land on the grass. I crouch low and sneak-up slowly and quietly to try to catch them. I am REALLY fast! Haven't caught a bird yet but I think I was gifted with hunting skills! Thank my paternal side of my IRISH tree, he has his junior hunting championship.

At the cabin I visit the neighbors, they have lots of little kids that scream and shout when I try to lick them. I don't think they like me. I got into their trash, they leave it outside and my master cusses me because I bring trash home.

I enjoy riding in the boat, I get to see eagles and pelicans.

My sister Michelle got a new cat named Oscar, he isn't scared of me. I love chasing him around. At first his name was "Minnie" but Michelle found out he was a boy. She doesn't know much about cats! I knew it all along. Oscar has cool claws that allow him to climb the red couch that is OFF LIMITS! He gets in trouble when he climbs my creatures' upstairs furniture.

My master is going to get a grooming table so I'm going to have to put up with all that "fussy" girly beauty stuff!

Hope to see you all at the dog shows!

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Comment by Laura Kolbach on August 22, 2008 at 2:44pm
hello "little" Annie, nice to hear about your adventures. you seem to be quite busy :-)


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