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Exciting happenings in the forest. I get to chase my friend, Porche, a Drauthar. Porche is a hunting dog and she is more disciplined than I am! You can watch the video where I'm chasing her. Also, she is a great swimmer. I WANT to swim but I think I like just wading in the lake just fine! I wake up early to play with my friend every day that I am camping! My creature has to tie me to the bed so I don't wake every one else up.

I've discovered mosquitos, they don't bother me except around my face. I'm glad, I think my hair prohibits them from successful biting.

I don't like to be groomed. I wish my creature would quit trimming my toe nails. She cut my hair crooked at the top of my ears, I look silly! Maybe if I continue to wiggle I can get out of the grooming part of life!

Happy Summer!

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