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Well two days back from the showing in Ireland and what a week!!! we got the ferry over week past Sat around the 17th Aug, slightly choppy ride over boat gently lurching the Captain assured us that the stabilisers were on...now if its like bike stabalisers i wondered how far they stuck out on a boat!!!! arrived at Larne then 20-25 mins down the road to Belfast, little did we know what was waiting...the rain was lashing down and when we hit the new Western link in Belfast i noticed the other side of the motorway no cars or anything was coming up it we thought there must have been a bad accident due to the weather....wrong!!!! the underpass was flooded 26 feet of water no emergency services and cars on our side of the motor way were either stopping to have a look or there cars were flooded out due to the water now building up on our side...one hour later and we were going round in circles trying to dodge the water building up a Police van arrived and started diverting us out of the way of the water but to where??? no plans were in action..by this time we had interested by standers coming out of work with their brollies and actually walking among the cars on the MOTORWAY!!!! getting out of their cars in the middle of the road pandermonium!!!! two and a half hours later a journy through Belfast that usually takes minutes to get out we were still circling the place..sick fed up and weary we could not get to the original place we were going to stop over on so we headed for a travel lodge as by now it was getting near to midnight.....the city had never been in such turmoil due to flooding two new bridges collapsed and still the rain came down.
After a restful night we headed down to Clonmell show the first one on the Circuit, and usually the one where we get lost or run close to time!!! we did arrie a little bit later than we wanted and i thought i would have missed the IS class's that were on first but no i managed it and got Best Vet with Liam and graded excellent..Enya (IRWS) also got graded excellent and was placed 2nd in Champion Bitch class..met up with our Irish Pals then set off to find the cottage..eweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek more later

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Comment by Alenka Pokorn on August 27, 2008 at 2:43am
Wow what an eventful trip. Hope we'll hear more. Perhaps with some results as well??? Alenka
Comment by Carol Gill on August 27, 2008 at 3:37am
well Frances i went over with a 32 bra size and came back inflated with all the wet!!!! lol the sayng that we can walk on water is no joke...never been as wet in all me life..Fri was a good day and i got sunburnt
Comment by Carol Gill on August 27, 2008 at 6:03pm
Liam was a joy to show over in Ireland he enjoyed his shows and his holiday...a lovely comment from one judge Mr E Darby waw that he was pleased to go over a setter that used and carried his tail correctly, there were some that carried their tails far to high spoiling the lovely outline of the breed, under the Greek Judge at Clonmell...Liam went into the ring and proceeded to do the longest pee in the world with the Judge saying to bring a chair in for him while he waited for Liam to finish...there were hoots of laughter round the ring and that set the comments for the shows to follow everyone seeing me with my dog asked if he had been toileted or was there to be a repeat performance of Clonmell....he does so like to make a lasting impression does my boy
Comment by Carol Gill on August 29, 2008 at 12:55pm
Hi Debbie got some lovely pics of Liam in a flower bed!!!! i think he is on the turn!!!!
Comment by Carol Gill on August 30, 2008 at 3:31pm
Clonmell well that was eventful...we said our goodbyes to folks we new and put sally sat nav on to direct us to the Cottage,,,,it seemed to go on for ever and ever ,the road looked familiar, throough the national park up to Molls Gap..oooh noooooo not another cottage where ya talked to God you were that high up!!! well this time we were on the other side of Molss towards the Healy Pass, bumgriping rides along narrow roads with rocks on both sides,,,we had to ring the cottage owner there was no way we could find it sally sat nav was busy having a breakdown and was no help..the lady arrived at the meeting point and we followed her to the cottage..lovely spot with two bedrooms one downstairs and the other up..i got the one upstairs, as Evie said if her dogs created she could go see to them...day off tomorrow yippeeee...
Comment by Dee Rance on September 2, 2008 at 8:27am
Hi there Carol. We came later I think, the ferry was lurching like a cork on a very very bouncy sea, and no comments about stabilisers, I don't think that we had any on our boat. We got to the freeway, and a 'road closed' diversion sign, and that was it, go right. After circumnavigating Belfast 3 times and over 1 1/2 hours later we found our way to the old Lisbon road, and then it was probably plain sailing.
Hey Carol did you get over the ''Trench Foot'' I can nearly get my shoes on again after the 'webs' between my toes have gone, still haven't got all the mud out of everything, and Jas has just about stopped quacking yet. I hope that it will be better next year......I think that I and the rest of us that Keep going back must be mad, still will probably be there again next year..... All the best Dee and the girls


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