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Horse Training Seminar - Ardmore, OK - Aug 11 & 12, 2007

Spent the weekend with my Weimaraner friend, Rosemary, (and about a thousand other people!) at a Chris Cox Horsemanship seminar this past weekend. Thank goodness the arena was air-conditioned as it was 100 degrees outside!

While my TWH, Frosty, is just wonderful, his rider is not so! Learned a lot and got fired up to work with Frosty more often on specific things which will make us more of a team.

He's a good handler's horse and has a terrific slow gait, but need to teach him to go into a canter with signals rather than fast-walking him into it. His fast walk is not very comfortable, but we use it very seldom as his best gait is slow and it's just right for the gallery.

Here's a photo taken at last year's Irish Setter national field trial in Booneville, Arkansas.

Not sure where this "blog" is going to take me - don't know how often I'll add to it but maybe it will keep me on track with Frosty's training.


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Comment by Londa Warren on August 16, 2007 at 7:17am
Not our own, but plenty of "problem" horses were provided by local or regional people and were literally fixed on the spot (but now the owners have to follow through!). There was a (formerly) really good reining horse who turned into a bucking horse, one that wouldn't load in the trailer, a terriffic, very well-trained roping horse that went bananas when he heard music and/or applause in arenas, etc. It was amazing.

Were you at the ISCA National Specialty in San Diego? We did a hands-on bird introduction for IS and to keep the waiters occupied, Delmar Smith spent about three hours taking problem dogs in hand - won't lead, shy, too boisterous, etc. - and brought them around on the spot. These two men have the best "hands" I've ever seen. And for me to say that someone is as good as Delmar is going some!!!!

The cost was only $12.50 and it was two days of very interesting stuff! If you get a chance to go to something similar, do so - there's a lot to training horses that is very similar to training dogs!



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