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I 'm Bronte and I want to tell you all about my family.

I have a big Brother called Goliath who is huge; a  Great Dane I think he is supposed to be, and  if you ask me he is only Great at eating and sleeping and playing, but he does mind us well and warns us if there are any strangers about

. I have four sisters and one cousin. My sisters are Maizy a black Lab /Retriever, Martha a Pointer x Lab who is also black,  Dolly my little sister is a Jack Russell who is coloured just  like me,  and then there is the renegade sister, there is always one of those in every family,  the newest addition to the family:  Lady Shannon who thinks she is queen of the Kingdom.  She is strange, she acts and plays just like me, she is an Irish Setter x Golden Retriever and although she looks sort of funny for a setter with her golden short haired labish look, she is all Irish Setter, except for the mischief part that is, because we all know that  Irish setters never ever get up to any mischief, that bit of Shannon's character I can assure you came from the other side of the family.  

My little cousin stays with us now and then, her name is Lady Little Person and she is a snob.  She rules the roost when she comes, and we have to be nice to her, or so Mum tells us.

We also have a guest called Heidi who is staying with us for a while, she is a strange one is Heidi, hard to figure her out. We all have great fun together, and we play jokes on mum. The other day I got the remote control for the TV  and I dug a hole in the garden and hid it. Martha blabbed on me and she found the remote control,  dug it up,  and silly girl carried it straight to mum. I got scolded!!.  Mum didnt fall out with me though, because I'm her special girl... and dont I know it .... and I can get away with anything.  Not that I do... I am really very good.... I really really am.

Bye  for now;

Bronte  :)

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Comment by silvia on July 3, 2014 at 7:21am

such a lovely family you have Bronte !!!! i bet you have always that great smile :))))

Comment by Mary Walshe on July 3, 2014 at 8:50am

Thank you Silvia, our Bronte does tend to smile a lot :)


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