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HI its me; Bronte, I'm back again to have a few words with all of you.
Have any of you setters out there got any secrets??

Things you wouldnt like your Mums finding out about??
Things your Mum might get cross about if she knew??

Little secrets ..... ??

Mine isnt a little secret its a Big Big one

Just wait until you hear it

It all  happened in our garden today....and you wont believe it....its a Big  Deep Dark secret.... I started to scratch at the grass and then I started to dig and dig and dig but nobody knew about it.... at least they would never have known about it until my baby sister Martha (she is only one year old) came along, and then everyone knew about the dig because Martha just kept on digging all the  way to China...a hole that big was way too hard to hide, so when I saw Mum coming  with the camera I had to think awful  fast on my paws and I decided  to pose real elegant like,  to draw her attention away from the hole that me and Martha had just dug, and hoped she wouldn't see it....I think my plan worked because Mum never said anything about the hole and she put our pics up on the computer.....she's real proud of us is Mum, so she definitely didnt see that hole.

Now if I can only get Martha not to blab to Mum about me having anything to do with the digging of that hole I will be A OK! 
Today is Sunday so after dinner we get Ice Cream, I love ice cream so I dont want anything bad to happen like a hole being found in the garden before its our treat time... that could spoil everything and there might not be any treats... I wonder if we could fill that hole back  in before Mum notices it ...Hmmmm!
Catch you guys later... its almost ice cream time.... YUMMMMM !

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Comment by Angela Clarke on July 20, 2014 at 1:50pm

Hi there, this is Elsa I have a secret mum and dad has no idea. When we are out in our new car I make faces at the people in the car behind, sometimes I stick my nose on the window and make silly faces, I know when we are going to change direction because I hear a click, click noise and brace myself so if I am sitting up I don't fall over. My humans have no idea that I know what that clicking noise means, and that is my secret, shhhh keep it to yourselves :)

Comment by Mary Walshe on July 20, 2014 at 2:36pm
Hi Elsa, thanks for sharing your secret I promise not to tell your mum and Dad, its great fun isnt it when we get away with doing a few silly things like making faces and digging holes and the like without them finding out .... your secret's safe with me Elsa.... :) from Bronte


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